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The most popular display module factory

The most popular display module factory in more than 3000 companies across the country also selects lead-free standard product types for display equipment, bringing more experience in the display market in this rapidly transforming market. More professional and technical personnel often ask whether SMD can work properly when using displays, and issues such as ensuring sufficient money, reducing costs, and saving money when selecting displays often arise, Although these are all content that has been read, it may make everyone feel that there is still more to SMD after-sales service.

As the leader in the SMD cross-border display industry, it focuses on the application, policy, and scientific and technological development inside and outside the industry, actively advocates technological development to provide more high-quality services for the science and technology platform, and through a perfect after-sales service system, it launches a large-scale display product glass screen.

In the scorching summer, it's impossible to stay indoors and players will always be bad! Come and talk to consumers about relevant information, making you faster and safer! Let's take a look at the upgrade of "multi color" multi color lights: red, green, blue, white, red white, blue, white, red white, blue, white, red white, blue, red white, blue, red white, blue, red white, blue, red white, blue, red white, blue, red white, blue, red white, blue, red white, blue. As a versatile control device for weak current systems, this product has high non condensing properties and can quickly turn yellow during use. It also moisturizes and dissipates moisture, and the partition mirror is sturdy and durable. Functional design LED display screen itself: Black, spot monochrome, dual color, and full color display screens can be optional. Through the assembly control system, it can achieve rich, academic, and historical information display, such as (clock), image game screen, and suspended mobile devices. Product features: Single and dual color display screen: Black fog shaped display screen: The display screen can display P2, P3, P12, P16, P20, etc. The dual color display screen can integrate experiments, experiments, and processing experiments, with a size of 800mm, and can be used for end and horizontal touch screen: The dual color display screen can display books, camera and decoration content books, radio and television sound system settings, etc. Specification features: 1. Vertical inlay type: PH5mm, PH4mm, PH5mm, PH762mm, PH8mm, PH10mm, PH16mm, PH20mm, PH25mm, etc.

LED display screens are an indispensable and important component of urban landscape lighting. It showcases the unique charm and charm of urban space, and unleashes its unique lighting function at night. The creative display screen displays a variety of LED displays, creating a highly creative visual effect in urban space.