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Analyzing the explosive path of 7 segment LED display screen new products

Analyze the explosive path of 7 segment LED display screen new products.

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Equipped with advanced high-precision fully automatic crystal solidification, wire bonding machine, loop return machine, wire bonding machine, and reflow soldering

PMT, in simple terms, is the assembly of 03-04A sheets into a single chip through a special processing process. A single LED requires a lamp lighter with an iron bracket and several large optical systems.

Composition: The function of the CPU bracket is to spread the powder and fine production process that people love online.

Layered, halogen-free, no high temperature, high humidity, fluctuating, dirty, glorious, gentle, and so on.

The products are all connected to the power supply, switch, and battery board of the public network.

Safe installation: power components/headlights/taillights/lampshades/solar panels/lampshades>.

Mining explosion-proof lamp is a lighting tool for locomotive operation. The explosion-proof type for mining (using LED cold light source) is mainly applicable to drilling vehicles, battery electric locomotives, tunneling machines, loading machines, coal shovels, loaders, and various underground explosion-proof vehicles with methane and coal dust explosion hazards. It is used for locomotive work projection lighting.

The bracket lamp mainly consists of an "upper lamp head structure" and a "bottom lamp tube structure"; An energy-saving electronic ballast is wrapped inside the combined structure to form an energy-saving electronic ballast; The tube edge of the bracket lamp is located on the P-shaped groove side, which is an extension device of the unloaded electronic ballast.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting fixtures are a type of lighting fixture made from the fourth generation green light source LED. LED, known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, long lifespan, small size, and can be widely used in various fields such as indication, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting, and urban night scenery