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The most popular wholesaler of 7 segment LED display screens

The most popular 7 segment LED display screen wholesaler professional league venue content>>12th edition.

Located in Songshan Lake Development Zone, Quzhou City, the Twelve Segment LED Display Factory is a smart city that relies on visual transmission and lighting source technology to support cars on rugged mountain roads and expand through visual means. On the horizontal axis of Smart Volkswagen, the previous automotive circuit has been changed, from the initial "long-term development" to the current "bold progress", and the automotive circuit board has become an important component of the monitoring industry.

What should many people do if the LED light beads are broken? To replace the power supply, simply press it lightly, but the power voltage should not be too high or too large. It has strong endurance, and if there is a short circuit or overcurrent, it will accelerate the aging of the LED beads.

LED light beads, connected to the circuit board, load the microcontroller and processor output current to drive the circuit, and can be used through RF, S, IO, RIO, and other multiple methods.

Light decay generally refers to its lumen value. After the battery on the surface of the photosensitive drum is charged, as the positive charge on the surface of the photosensitive drum accumulates, the potential continues to rise and finally reaches the 'saturated state' potential, which is a large potential. The surface potential will decrease over time.

● Power consumption. The working voltage of a general LED is 2-36V and the working current is 002-003A, so its power consumption does not exceed 01W.

There are three situations that require repair: LED flashing, LED off, and driver failure. How should we conduct inspections and repairs in the face of this situation? Today, the editor will organize it for everyone. This is a common LED indicator maintenance technique.

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