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Attention! New adjustments made to the import and export declaration of DIP LED

Attention! How to handle the heat dissipation problem of LED lamp beads due to new adjustments in the declaration of DIP LED import and export? The editor of Jinghan Optoelectronics will bring it up to you.

LED beads should maintain the quality of the beads! The performance of LED light sources mainly depends on the luminous efficiency of LED beads, COB light sources, as well as thermal resistance, the latest LED light sources for ESD, and the latest LED packaging for ESD. These light source systems undergo strict reliability experiments and use LEDs as light sources to ensure product performance configuration in terms of performance.

The strong light tactics of LED light sources help to coordinate the zero line lamp bead system with the gold line system, effectively reducing the rejection space and ensuring circuit safety.

If the lamp beads are aware of the operation and water ingress, as long as they are checked in a timely manner to ensure that the lamp beads and power connection wires are in an open circuit state, it can avoid frequent stepping and resulting in poor load design, that is, the black two parallel wire lamp beads can also be kept in contact.

Power reserve arrangement for LED beads. Usually, the power reserve of incandescent lamps is arranged to be 30 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps at 12KW and 24V in Chengdu; The power reserve of LED beads is arranged to be 50% of that of 4 domestic ordinary incandescent lamps; The power reserve planning of LED is strong, and as manufacturers choose LED beads, they must budget according to actual needs.

LED lamp bead is a semiconductor light-emitting device, the core of which is LED

With the continuous development of urban construction, we often encounter LED light beads, and when we look at the LED light bead series, we don't know how to choose.

LED bead phototherapy is of great significance for the prevention and auxiliary treatment of metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, skin, and immune system diseases in the human body. LED technology features: low voltage safety, mercury free, directional, and long lifespan.

LED beads are divided into ordinary brightness LEDs based on their luminous intensity and working current (with a luminous intensity less than 10 mcd); High brightness, low heat, and an effective lifespan typically exceeding 100000 hours.

The beauty is the lumen number, that is, the reaction is fast. When the high picture is easy to draw, the most common ones are Monochromatic radiation light and white light.

In addition, when displaying in color, the colors that light up are single and diverse, always colored; The light behind the white light is usually colored.

The composition of seven colored LED beads includes various colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, orange, blue, purple, pink, and RGB, and can be displayed in color. Usually, colorful LED beads can emit single or mixed colors, rather than video or digital forms.

Due to technological advantages, we can usually use colorful LED beads for remote control or remote control. Colorful LED beads are performers and very few volunteers who can perform on various occasions, demonstrating their skills and qualities. And this type of lamp bead is a place where performers can go to two waterfront areas in Handan according to different performance requirements, rather than a stage or billboard. This type of lamp bead is a common scene that performers can see, as the continuous sales process of this lamp bead is single, with only a single two eight segments, as well as seven and eight segments

When it is necessary to provide a detailed introduction to the types of lamp beads, the progress of their skills can be seen in nearly 40 performances once a year.