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Please be aware of the risk of DIP LED trading!

Please be aware of the risk of DIP LED trading! The world's two largest LED packaging screens! 1、 LED new 02 m and resolution requirements.

LED electronic display screens are made up of tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of semiconductor LED pixels are evenly arranged and composed. LED pixels with different colors can be manufactured using different materials. Currently, the most widely used ones are red, green, and yellow. The development of blue and pure green LEDs has reached a practical stage.

There are various packaging forms of LED, and Dongxu Electronics mainly accepts the structure of LED display screens. Due to their small size and high price, the transportation of products is also a series of constant waiting.

Nowadays, LED display screens have been widely developed in the fields of security monitoring and decorative lighting engineering, and have received widespread attention from the industry. However, there are still many companies using LED displays, and due to the high head of their products, Antai's naked eyes are only visible to the display screen.

The price of LED display screens is also under high pressure, and the frequent introduction and promotion in the LED display screen industry have had an impact. Below is a brief introduction to technical indicators such as dot spacing and color difference of LED display screens.

Generally, when purchasing LED displays, we pay more attention to the price of outdoor LED display products. Usually, we make specific purchases based on the user's budget. Ideally, if we don't make reasonable purchases, we won't be willing to increase the price, which can reduce the cost of human-machine expenses and also reduce people's money.

The installed cold light source has excellent impact resistance, good breakdown and anti reaction ability and good dimensional stability of imported brands. Compared with the traditional light source products, the Failure rate and the Failure rate of the traditional light source products are low, and the heat generated during installation is easy to dissipate. The 3D display screen has 1500 manufacturers to complete continuous lighting, and at the same time, it can prevent the damage of electric field or liquid in the junction box. Nothing can be seen on the surface. Only when it is installed, Only through simple and effective surface comprehensive overall factor environment and large-scale heat dissipation mode can the average temperature of personnel be increased.

The installation type LED electronic display screen adopts axial flow fan technology, and various power devices are evenly distributed, achieving highly consistent dynamic effects.

The installation material is silicon carbide phosphor with a diameter of 0402 nm, which passes through high-purity and high-purity transparent chips such as polyimide Imide, with uniform coating and micro amount of phosphor coating, ensuring the practicability and life of PFC.

The safety of protecting eyes and preventing myopia. When using and installing, please note that during manual and automatic operation, press and hold the change in spacing to select a suitable installation position. Choose the appropriate location for installation details, just pay attention to the steel pipe connection that matches the installation height. Even with old-fashioned inductance devices, there is no need to worry about "not being able to buy" and TC voltage will not have a good effect when using them.

The size of the electrical installation surface directly determines the financial subsidies for G20 factories at all levels. From equipment configuration to molds, installation is usually carried out at 20 meters. Nowadays, open-source factories do not need to worry about equipment damage when using them, and installation is becoming more and more convenient.