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Deeply analyze the opportunities for 7 segment LED display screen products!

Deeply analyze the opportunities for 7 segment LED display screen products!

How to reduce the quality of LED electronic displays and improve their reliability? How to promote reliable heat dissipation of LED electronic displays?

LED display screens, with their unique advantages over DLP and LCD splicing, are highly sought after in major cities and widely used in areas such as building advertising, subway station displays, and shopping mall displays.

Information display, LED display screen, is a new type of information display media that rapidly developed globally in the late 1980s. It uses dot matrix modules or pixel units composed of LED to form a large area display screen. With its excellent reliability, long lifespan, and wide viewing angle, it is more conducive to advertising and display.

The widespread application of LED displays has driven the development of various industries and rapidly driven the development of related industries.

Indoor display fields such as airports, stations, banks, construction airports, chain stores, etc. A brand new flat panel display screen has been created in the fields of intelligent eye protection, car gifts, and other displays.

Becoming a convenient, economical, and reliable tool to help China's GDP continue to increase rapidly across the Taiwan Strait.

According to the policy spirit of "urban co completion" and "promoting rapid economic development" in various countries in China, the application of new display technologies is becoming increasingly widespread.

Agriculture: solar energy, wind power, coal burning, natural gas, cutting grain, paper products, and folk categories.

In recent years, full color LED displays in China have gradually begun to be widely used in various industries. Whether applied in skylight engineering or external lighting engineering, it has an irreplaceable and increasingly important position.

With the increasing maturity of display technology and technology, the display technology and cost of LED displays are also increasing. However, in developing key technologies such as energy-saving technology, LED displays also possess industrial performance, LED product cost, and protection level.

In contrast, LED displays are much more expensive than LED displays. LED display screens are also one of the display devices for traffic lights, buildings, and basic installations.

As is well known, LED, as a new type of light emitting technology, is based on LED. Compared to traditional light sources, it has the properties of low energy consumption and high brightness, so LED display screens are becoming increasingly popular.

There are still many customers discussing the maintenance and safety improvement of LED display screens at this stage, hoping to help everyone. Today, I will organize some common reasons for LED displays for everyone.

The normal service life of LED display screens is 80000 to 100000 hours, with a daily usage time of about 5000 hours. If it exceeds 3 hours, it needs to be replaced. The service life of LED display screens is over 50000 hours, which is around 50000 hours compared to traditional light sources.

The stability of LED light sources is 25 times that of incandescent lamps, with 24 hours of use per day, 365 days per year, 365 days per year, and around 5 degrees Celsius.

The LED light source has a lampshade and driving circuit similar to the driving circuit board, which can ensure the normal operation of the display screen. It also protects the working device and display casing with driving circuit from aging.