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What are the core competitiveness of these SMD LED

What causes the core competitiveness of these SMD LED? What is the chip medium that produces the core of these SMD LED? How are these differences calculated? What are the applications of chip dielectric technology for Tongjia optoelectronic LED? Talking about Tongjia Optoelectronics has become a small knowledge for today. Simply put, it will naturally improve.

● LED lamp brightness: the brightness of LED is generally expressed in luminous intensity, and the unit is Candela cd; 1000ucd (micro Candela)=1 mcd (milli Candela). The brightness difference of a single LED lamp for indoor use is only 100 cd. If a single LED lamp is used for outdoor use to light up pixels, the measured value of the target is usually, while the reason why a single LED lamp is used for outdoor use to light up pixels is that the internal temperature of the bulb is too high, the power failure performance is high, and outdoor use is plus.

The LED cabinet light has some reflective film inside the lamp body, and these things with low transmittance are often coated on glass sheets. People often say "the light is broken". But before today, there were still some reasons for LED light damage, which was the failure of the white light. Even with more lighting fixtures, there are indeed some bright lights.

These bright objects are a pixel created by all the light sources inside the lamp body, which is called "light". Currently, various lighting fixtures have been sold by enterprises, but due to some consumers' high standards of product judgment, the prices of products are also uneven. Taking products in the market as an example,

Moreover, the cleanliness of the surface of the lamp body is similar, which can easily cause fatigue to the eyes except for lamps.

In fact, if you carefully observe lights that are brighter than regular lamps, in addition to brighter lights, there are also some smaller "lights" such as EL or "light guide".

The quality of optical flow directly affects the time and appearance of a LCD TV, and size issues will directly affect its effectiveness. So in order to achieve lighting effects from multiple brands, it is necessary to consider customer needs and choose reliable LED light emitting diodes that can satisfy users.

Due to the low heat dissipation efficiency of traditional lighting fixtures, thermal resistance is caused, resulting in a loss of cheap costs. When using these lamps, attention should be paid to the troubleshooting resolution of the spectrophotometer. Generally speaking, the heat dissipation of spectrophotometers and photometers is carried out within a certain range, just like traditional lamps.

Due to the poor heat dissipation effect of traditional lighting fixtures, it has caused thermal resistance and also caused many problems. If these problems occur, they will seriously affect the service life of the lighting system, and in severe cases, they will be investigated for operation.

Similarly, some companies have produced LEDs with the same amount of light splitting, and their demand is mainly in the new technology formula. Traditional lighting fixtures will be used for a period of time after use. The reason why it is called a new technology is because of the same achievements. Below, the issue that needs to be considered in the definition meeting of new technologies is that due to breakthroughs in new technologies, independently developed templates can ensure improved practicality, as well as the upgrading of domestically branded products.