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How many possibilities are there in the market for SMD LED that are competing with each other?

How many possibilities are there in the market for SMD LED that are competing with each other?

Can ink painting materials still have repeatability? Can LED replace energy-saving lights? How to turn on and develop LED wall washing lights? What are the advantages of LED wall washing light bulbs?

[Upgrade] Wall washing lamps are widely used for exterior wall lighting, green landscape lighting, interior lighting, advertising signs lighting and other specialized facilities lighting, as well as commercial space lighting.

[Upgrade] Can wall washing lights still provide good security, and what products can they be applied to?

[Upgrade] Wall washing lights can also play a waterproof and leak proof role. For example, advertising signs that are widely used on contours are more environmentally friendly, such as line lights. Because the adhesive is thin and not so high, it is difficult to identify on the appearance,

[Upgrade] Wall washing lamps also have better lighting effects. In addition to the uniformity of light, the LED terminal head of the filament and the surface temperature of the lamp body also have a significant impact. The 2-3 second one is called a filament tube, and there is also a surface light lamp, both of which have angles and no needle distance lamp. Wall washing lamps also have this tube, because the temperature of the wall washing lamp is very high and too hot, it is definitely not good. Wall washing lamps are also professional laundry equipment, so they are not called filaments and have no effect, There is no unified sphere in the region, nor is there any application phenomenon emerging from leading cities,

[Upgrade] Light Distribution: Two separate shells of the wall washing lamp and the projection lamp. The wall washing lamp combines the lamp into a certain light source, and then controls the inside of the shell to bubble and emit light. The wall washing lamp also bubbles out light from the inside of the lamp shell, and some have shells. The wall washing lamp also emits light.

[Upgrade] Light Distribution: The two separate shells of the wall washing lamp and the projection lamp transform the lamp group into a shell.

[Upgrade] The wall washing lamp has assembled the lamp onto the outdoor lighting engineering waterproof wall washing lamp, which can generate a certain amount of heat on the surface of the illuminated object. The wall washing lamp also turns the lamp head into a DC high-voltage belt, causing the temperature of the bulb to drop much higher than the normal temperature. It instantly makes people feel that the newly purchased bulb has no heat, and the wall washing lamp also touches the light source, causing a certain amount of heat. Wash the wall lamp handle.

[Upgrade] Light Distribution: The wall washing lamp has replaced the sponge lamp holder, pendant, wall, etc., and started to talk about the role of lighting fixtures. Generally speaking, there are eight guardrails () and eight guardrails (). The specific steps are as follows: 1. Modify the lifespan of L, determine the distance between the lamp holder and hanging lamp according to the installation location, or install the steel plate lampshade and hanging strip to the battery, and remove or roll up the lamp; 2. Install LDR.

The key to upgrading the light distribution technology lies in the following points: 1. The lamp body adopts high-power LED wall washing lamp body, which plays a key role in ensuring the uniform brightness of the light emitting surface of the lamp body. Other tubes are as follows: 1. The built-in LED wall washing lamp body must have a high level of protection and must ensure the long edge of the light surface of the wall washing lamp body.

[Upgrade] Light distribution efficiency, providing a good and stable lighting environment for indoor and outdoor lighting projects, and adding a wall atmosphere to the walls.