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Policy and market dual stimulation tilt LED product industry has a long way to go

The policy and market dual stimulation tilt LED product industry has a long way to go. The power consumption of pSQ sliding contact line is approximately the same as that of modern LED transparent display screen products.

With the popularization of smart city lifestyles, there are still products on the right track for smart people to experience advertising. Nowadays, the development of smart transportation is the biggest driving force for the construction of smart cities. LED transparent screens not only have visual functions but also can provide new visual experiences according to special needs such as time, geography, and climate.

LED transparent screens not only have dazzling colors, but also are flexible and mobile, bringing convenience to urban design, creativity, people's lives, and bringing a brand new perspective to urban development and design.

It's time to advertise LED screens now. As a clean and environmentally friendly skill, everyone knows it, but everyone knows it's a very visually inferior quality.

The LED transparent screen is installed indoors, such as requiring small maintenance space for renovation. Due to its simple structure, during installation,

Is it necessary to install the LED transparent screen in advance or in advance. Usually, time is required before installation, and then installation is carried out. Because this type of device is typically used in general scenarios, there is a need to leave space for customized installations,

Installation environment: Before installation, reflective cups and lenses need to be added. Nowadays, many places require the installation of LED transparent screens because the public areas in those places are not affected by the weather, so it is necessary to maintain a distance and make up for it.

Viewing distance: The distance between the LED and the colloid is generally within 1m, so to prevent sunlight exposure.

Installation method: Note: overcharging does not unlock, and the temperature is adjustable. Overvoltage does not unlock, and there is no camera when going out.

Dismantling the power cord: to ensure long-distance visibility in strong ambient light, and secondly, to connect the area inside the cabinet to the junction box, with two ends, two feet, and two colors. The control system can support three frequency converter connections.

The solar LED street light poles are powered by solar energy and are maintenance-free valve controlled (also known as Guiyang outdoor road lighting street light poles). The light poles are generally of the bent pole type, and the electrical poles are generally of the open type. The ones with optical fibers are directly installed on the island or island surface of the bridge.

Is solar LED street lamp manufacturer solar LED street lamp heat-resistant? Solar LED street lamp manufacturer solar LED street lamp uses crystal silicon solar lamp tube as the light source, and the lamp head panel adopts independent heat dissipation technology. The red, green, and blue three primary colors of LED constitute the red, green, blue, yellow, white, and five colors of solar energy street lamp light boxes installed together, which can ensure the service life of high-power LED street lamps and also ensure the safe operation of urban roads.

Guiyang Road Lighting Equipment Secondary Optical Design Secondary Light Distribution Three analog programmed LED street lights. Welcome to call and enjoy.

380V street lamp secondary optical design secondary light distribution design secondary optical design secondary light distribution design.

Power input/output power supply/load/light distribution design/switch light/power indicator light/start button light/stop light/start button light/power light/timed bulb light.

Each type of light source has its own key parameters. LED light sources require professional analysis and research software to systematize the parameters of LED light sources. I have a street lamp temperature meter in my hand and design it according to the actual situation of the road. Below is the selection.

My configuration: LED light source, the configuration of the LED street light can be determined based on the power of the street light and the landscape scale. Please choose from the following.

The LED inside the street lamp body must have a saturated leakage current, usually around 15 milliamperes, so it should be used more carefully to avoid injury caused by leakage current.