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Don't be careless about the details of the display module

Don't be careless about the details of the display module. In terms of detection methods, currently 10 manufacturers are manufacturing display screens, and the resolution of the display screen is 6:160xx, constantly passing through the illumination and corner pulling walls, as well as the constant current control medium, which has a significant impact on the display screen. The control method consists of a controller and a system. Important applications include information display devices, information transmission devices, instruction display devices, instruction detection systems, software testing systems, instruction detection systems, information transmission systems, and instruction detection systems.

Outdoor display screen is a display screen that uses LED as the light source. It has the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, high Refresh rate and extensive color calibration.

Outdoor displays are divided into indoor, outdoor, and outdoor displays. Let's take a look at the characteristics of indoor display screens. The indoor display screen is divided into a regular room (meeting system) and a monitoring room (meeting system).

Simply put, indoor displays can be divided into four rectangular lights based on a LED dot matrix, with an average size of 2000-2000, two dot matrix lights, and a light string of different sizes, specifications, and parameters.

Common inline LED light emitting diodes can be divided into round head, flat head, straw hat head, steel helmet head, etc; The size of inline LED beads can also be divided into various sizes of LEDs such as f3, f5, f8, and f10. F3 flat headed LED, also known as a 3mm colloidal diameter flat headed LED bead, has the characteristics of large light emitting angle and scattered light.

Two pole non polar dual color LED is a packaging form in which two LED chips of different colors are connected in parallel, with only two pins. The two outgoing wires are non polar and emit one color of light when powered on in the forward direction; Emitting light of another color when powered on in reverse; When alternating current is applied, both colors emit light.

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