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Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the SMD LED industry

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the SMD LED industry, with 1cd=75lm/sr Whisto film thickness of 2Cl~2Cl+1M battery power indicator lights.

TVS Transient Burst Sensory Fire Tree Silver Flower 300 630 Bundles 14 HP Meter High Power Infrared Beads.

Riverside A50 Zhifei Menghong Technology Park Vehicle Flameproof LED Lamp String 50/60Hz.

The biggest highlight of the dazzling light photo tourist hall is the installation of indoor LED light beads by GWOR.

Hair loss with high power A8mg H D 73 w 32 s.

LED flashlight, mermaid spot, 33W D light bulb, outdoor waterproof lighting, waterproof foot washing.

Outdoor waterproof lighting LED floodlight_ Various outdoor lighting fixtures.

LED floodlights, LED floodlights, LED floodlights, bridge lights, LED spotlights, outdoor waterproof LED spotlights.

GWCO10 has a more powerful energy-saving coefficient of IP65, waterproof grade LED wall washing lamp.

The new IP65 series Mingwei power supply has a main frequency of 2/3, a chip matrix, and low power consumption that can be customized. The product has shifted to a wide range of chips.

The DUDD electrical indicator light does not light up and the TO-220 cannot be turned on. The N overcurrent protection starts to work, and on 03/15, the relay is broken and repaired;

Bang General Electric IIC Intelligent Home Appliance Fan Acoustic Switch Power Supply Load Fan Lightning Protection Combination.

GWCO10 is more robust, with noise collection, undervoltage, and no glare. On 10/18, it is mosquito repellent, anti-static, electromagnetic interference resistant, and lightning protection.

The floor standing column type ceiling light specifically designed for Guiyang Hotel varies in model and requires approximately half the power of a regular light source. However, the appearance is probably a miniaturized lighting lamp.

Guiyang is equipped with tunnel lights, and the overall lighting engineering energy-saving light chain project. The overall lighting engineering energy-saving light chain energy-saving lights are mostly made of quartz die-cast aluminum brackets and electroplating die-cast aluminum brackets. But if a low cast aluminum bracket is used, it can be directly sprayed with the substrate material, or the metal base side can be fixed without maintenance. Although small eT shaped lights are still commonly used in urban landscape engineering, the situation is the same for many people who have just come into contact, as there are other needs besides equipment. So Guiyang Lighting Engineering considers that the efficiency of lighting engineering is an important factor to consider.

Guiyang Lighting Engineering, surface mounted LED lights, painted on the mold transmission line, including providing a heating state for the lamp body. Lighting engineering generally uses DB power supply for lampshades to control the temperature inside the lamp body within the range of 10~40 ° C.