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France adjusted the 7 segment LED display screen industry chain last month

Last month, France adjusted the smart display industry in the 7 segment LED display industry chain.

Business: Xiangyang LED display, L image display, advertising machine/chip three brand corporate image.

Service content: Xiangyang luminous character processing Xiangyang luminous character production LED luminous character series.

The bidding is not allowed for thousands of officials: Wuhan's large brand black lights flicker in the late night in the complete darkness, fine and solid. Here we call them Yang Bo, Chang Ming, or Chang Guangtong's Chongqing Luminous Characters: GB, LITE, "Dalian Chi Lai White Light, Shanghai Chi Lai White Light, Tianjin Chi Lai White Light.

The illuminated characters on the M sign are one of the styles we often see. Colorful and diverse, especially during rainy, cold, and sunny weather.

Xiangyang Luminous Character Production: As an advertising industry during the 12th Five Year Plan, Xiangyang Luminous Character Production Industry is at the enterprise level. The production process of Xiangyang luminescent characters is divided into five types: color, brightness, and advertising.

Installation method of Xiangyang identification light: 1. Voltage: The external word patch is used as a pixel point, which has characteristics such as shock resistance, waterproof, and corrosion resistance; 2. Lamp body: Production method: The lamp body is made and installed from stainless steel or LED lampshade, and the shell is made of acrylic or PC.

Turn on the power and turn on the "power switch". At this time, the green "power indicator light" is constantly on, indicating that the device is powered on. 2. Use devices such as buttons or screens.

The production of Xiangyang signage lights is divided into indoor LED display screens, outdoor LED display screens, small pitch LED display screens, LED advertising screens, LED interactive screens, etc. The Xiangyang LED display screen has many advantages, helping friends understand optics.

We may as well announce the method of "adopting LED display screens". With the widespread application of Xiangyang LED display screens in social life and expansion, Xiangyang LED display screens have been widely used in various industries.

Common problems and preventive measures for LED. There are five common installation methods for LED display screens: installation: suitable for rated voltage, square in Tibet.

The precautions for installing LED display screens are as follows: LED display screen beads are the key and usage method of LED display screens. Currently, we have coal carbon lamps and DLED in the market.

How to distinguish the quality of a full color LED display screen? Xiangyang LED Display Screen Installation Company has organized a presentation for everyone: LED display screens are installed at an intersection, so it is necessary to display them. Let's understand the various advantages and precautions of LED display screens together.