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What exactly did customs inspect the 7 segment LED display screen for?

What exactly did customs inspect the 7 segment LED display screen for?

Content introduction: LED electronic display screens are made up of tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of semiconductor LED pixels are evenly arranged and composed. LED pixels with different colors can be manufactured using different materials. Currently, the most widely used ones are red, green, and yellow. The development of blue and pure green LEDs has reached a practical stage.

Using well-known SMD units, it can be used in high temperature and humidity environments. ◆ Weld the LED chip on the circuit board to realize Reflow soldering.

LED module is a product that arranges LEDs (light emitting diodes) together according to certain rules and then encapsulates them, plus some waterproof treatment.

When purchasing, we must determine the modules we need according to the budget, carefully allocate software, and never cut corners.

Service items: home appliance cleaning, home appliance installation, home appliance maintenance, pipeline dredging, water and electricity installation, lock inspection, disinfection and sterilization, home appliance maintenance, training, maintenance, training, etc.

Turn on the power and turn on the "power switch". At this time, the green "power indicator light" is constantly on, indicating that the device is powered on.

Turn on the "heating switch" device to start running, and the red "heating indicator light" is constantly on, indicating that the surface workbench is continuously heating up; Flashing indicates entering a constant temperature state, at which point the surface workbench experiences intermittent heating.

After use, turn off the "heating switch" first, and the heating part of the equipment will stop running. At this time, the green "power indicator light" will still be on, which can indirectly warn that the equipment is still working. Do not touch the working panel. After the surface work panel has completely cooled down (1 hour is recommended), turn off the "power switch".

A three hole socket with a source voltage of 220VAC and a grounding wire and a leakage switch are required. The power cord plugged into the work desk should be charged. No operation allowed! All heating time is sufficient! If it's 220VAC, I don't want to explain!

The power supply voltage is 220VAC, and the end with a grounding wire should be a 60 PCB.

● The upper and lower buckles of the fuse socket should be the same Residual-current device, the screw should be the nominal ballast, and it should be the nominal "feed protector".

The time that affects charging should be the 7 segment display quality news of the battery pack, which should be the circuit breaker with a nominal "feed protector" or "chip" fault.

The power supply voltage should be 24V, with a warranty of 3V, and when the energy consumption reaches 80-80%, the battery packaging should be the nominal "feed protector" or "E-word".

Sometimes, the power supply is incorrect, but there is a lack of inverter devices. Therefore, the power supply for the mains contacts should be reduced.

Danger is also an important part of the various signal sources that make up the display screen body by combining the display screen and signal light tube. For display equipment, it is necessary to do a good job in controlling the power supply device, and frequently check and replace the switch power supply 2-type and two row terminal type (256 level expansion, not detailed).