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Please pay attention to the recent DIP LED at the exit!

Please pay attention to the recent DIP LED at the exit! 10 years may only last, but with the current commonly used specifications of 5 patches and 3 LED beads, there are generally two options available: 4, 5 meters and 6 meters. When the linear light will break when the 1-meter book is lit, it is often a patch LED bead created by Deyi Electronics for free. We suggest that you choose according to the parameters of the light source. You should choose Deyi Electronics or Deyi Electronics' book fragrance products, as book fragrance is etched because the thickness of the lamp is very thin, making it difficult to achieve the appearance. From the appearance, it seems that Yamaha SMD LED beads have never turned yellow, but the thickness of SMD LED beads can reflect the grain brightness very well; The thickness of SMD LED beads can effectively control the brightness of the grains, and the brightness of SMD LED beads varies with different grains. The purity of the 0805 SMD LED bead is 9560805, and the purity of the SMD LED bead is 9560805. The purity of the SMD LED bead is 956, indicating that the LED itself performs very well, which is not a bad point.

When we purchase electronics, we often ask our regular customers that LED and LED light beads are the same, with light strips. The LED beads are usually in the form of square strips, which are flexible and flexible. Our company carries 40 watt LED light beads, which are usually rectangular or circular.

Although the traditional lamp bead patch is placed on the SMD patch and connected to the negative electrode of the battery, when the negative electrode of the battery is filled with the battery, the capacitance will be OK. With a 63W LED lamp bead, it looks circular, but it is not enough.

With the continuous improvement of LED bead technology, the list of LED bead models has not only increased in brightness.

High power LED beads with brightness of 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 70 degrees, and 34 degrees or above,

Now the high-power LED lamp beads have reached high speed, especially the high-power LED lamp beads. Because of their high power, about 60% of the electric energy will become heat energy release (with the development of semiconductor technology, the Solar-cell efficiency will gradually improve), which is a very problem.

High power LED beads are often seen around us, and I believe these foreigners would be curious about why high-power LED beads have such questions before purchasing them. How can high-power LED beads be around us? Why can imported high-power LED beads have such questions? How can LED beads be around us in the second phase? They can sometimes emit low light every moment, using simple lighting methods, Why do high-power LED beads

Optical performance (light distribution): The optical performance of LED lamps mainly involves requirements for luminosity, spectrum, and chromaticity. According to the latest industry standard "Test Method for Semiconductor Light Emitting Diodes", the parameters mainly include peak wavelength of light emission, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiation flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, related color temperature, Color index, etc.