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This is the SMD LED you really need

This is the SMD LED that you truly need, and a habit of people towards the product becomes the resolution of orange light and luminescence. At the 13th Awards Conference, the orange LED has also been a favorite OMD LED lamp bead after years of cooperation. Finally, we believe that everyone will be attracted by this "little novelty", and its application range is also very wide. For example, we "light up LED lamp beads" in some activities, and its application range is our leading Industrial internet of things Exchange.

Monochrome LED beads, a total of one pixel to achieve monochromatic LED beads, and dual primary LED beads. The LED RGB is used in various household appliances, such as traffic lights, Automotive lighting, electronic toys, medical lighting, medical devices, infrared monitoring and other fields. Single color LED beads, usually composed of red light, green light, blue light, yellow light, etc. Red light is usually a mixture of red, green, and blue light. In this field of application, traffic signal lights, vehicle signal lights, display screens, etc. all adopt optoelectronic technology, which can effectively improve the safety of automobiles. As a component of electrical recognition,

Dual primary LED beads, DC: A dual primary LED, infrared as dual primary color, can be customized according to color application requirements. The wavelength of the B-color LED bulb is from the substrate material of the two-color LED bulb, which can be said to be a Nixie tube.

The health lighting of SMD LED beads has always been a concern for people. The healthy use of SMD LED beads not only endangers National Day, but also promotes energy conservation. Today we will talk about the health lighting of SMD LED beads.

The healthy lighting of LED beads has always been a concern for people. The definition of 'health lighting' has been constantly changing from the past without flicker and radiation to the current full spectrum SMT LED beads. At present, the full spectrum of SMD LED beads seems to have become an effective way of healthy lighting, and generally not released like old-fashioned incandescent lamps.

There are three situations that require repair: LED flashing, LED off, and driver failure. How should we conduct inspections and repairs in the face of this situation? Today, the editor will organize it for everyone. This is a common LED indicator maintenance technique.

What are the common faults of SMD LED beads? When troubleshooting, we should pay attention to safety and ensure that the LED beads are not damaged to avoid the risk of electric shock.