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Global opportunities for display module products of this type

The global opportunities for such display module products are gradually emerging. At present, this type of display screen mainly adopts Huaxun intelligent LED technology, with the main focus on surface light sources. The LED screen surface light source is the basic part of the LCD TV integrated into the edge. Due to the inability of the LCD TV to emit light on the screen, the screen produces dim light, which in turn leads to the display of dim light on the LCD TV. Due to the inability of LCD TVs to emit light on the screen, the screen power consumption of electronic products is reduced. LCD TVs use a long-life DC power supply with large current conversion, and their lifespan is unmatched by traditional LCD screens. By using the latest technology, images can be completely unaffected by environmental light interference.

The performance of the Huaxun intelligent LED display screen itself should comply with the patient inventor. With the development of innovation, there is no high tariff professional brand in terms of price, making the competitiveness of the brand increasingly fierce. The project aspects of emerging brands, such as structure, purpose, characteristics, etc., have been discussed with customers, which can fully leverage the advantages of product quality. This ability has been greatly improved, and from a quantitative competition perspective, high-quality development can be sought for breakthroughs.

With the popularization of intelligent information technology, the use of computers is no longer manual control, but rather special performance advantages such as puncture control, opening and closing, suppression, etc., which can emit light with higher pixel capabilities. The wave of smart cities is becoming increasingly fierce. Smart light poles have built the intelligent demand for smart street lights. Smart light poles can help enterprises find more suitable interfaces, more creative application systems, more efficient and competitive production and quality.

The smart home appliance market is constantly expanding, and at the time of the establishment of the home appliance industry, people not only need to first choose light poles, but also need to have intelligent security and intelligent control systems. 1. Smart home life should be chosen based on the needs of the family. 2. How to live a smart home safely?

SMD projector_ 0402160 plug-in wall washing lamp_ 088 lamp beads, single lamp beads. In order to ensure reliable range, thin and thin, the structural analysis shows that the C1 performance of the power silicon tube is 25417, and the air thermal resistance of the current outlet is 5-12. 1. A single 1W lamp bead is an axial projection lamp, as the weight of the lamp bead is relatively stable. For 12mil and 12mil straight in lamps, it is recommended.