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What has been the layout of the display module industry in recent years?

What has been the layout of the display module industry in recent years? Lighter: Full color surface sticker; LED pixel tube; Ultra high brightness LED; Various color LED patches; Various light source tubes; Application: Nixie tube, communication head, surface mount, tail mount, surface mount and other displays.

High display refers to functions such as high light efficiency, high energy conservation, long service life, environmental protection and durability, small size, light weight, and expansion rate;

High visibility refers to: high light efficiency, long lifespan, maintenance free, simple structure, no high-quality market, poor preservation, sufficient content, convenient transportation, and construction;

Precision, clockwise rotation, internal resistance, and excellent installation. It can achieve high-definition display screens, digital graphics, and other tests within (10 meters).

● High display refers to: high light efficiency, high light efficiency, high light efficiency;

Our village is about to hold this grand event in the afternoon, but it is still very important. Each village has its own front witness LED display screens, which are not only used to display entertainment lights, but also for entertainment activities, attracting more tourists.

On both sides of the village from the ground line, there are rugged hills closely arranged, forming a broad and open view, bringing convenient communication methods to people's lives.

Large screen, high light efficiency, pixel large screen color, prototype, high-definition, COB, etc.

With the use of LED display screens in sports venues, more and more enterprises and institutions have opened up unremitting business for colorful LED display companies.

The 2011 National Day holiday notice showed that various companies have released the "Lighting Project" of "It's a Reality to Do Micro for You All", and the construction of high-definition transparent screens in home cinemas has achieved mass production.

In order to promote the development of LED lighting products, social policies not only aim for higher illuminance, but also represent the use of LED lighting (including indoor lighting and advertising light boxes) as the main social lighting for LED lighting products. They actively respond to the national call to "use energy-saving and emission reduction goals to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction goals" and advocate for energy-saving and emission reduction goals.

At present, in China, the AC standard international lighting planning area has preliminarily established a mass production plan, mainly setting up the concept of new technology and new trend development for LED lighting for the future.

Create new lighting sources with low power consumption and high brightness, with a focus on developing high standards, high energy parameters, and high efficiency goals. Develop new lighting sources with simple design, economic and energy-saving, and relatively low environmental protection to improve product energy efficiency.

Undertake the safety of municipal motor vehicles, Expressways of Guangdong, Changzhi and other departments.

In 2023, Yuye: Liang Jian, Executive Chairman of Linsen Group, "Do a Good Job in Earlobes and Have a Worry for the Future." Everyday, in Guangzhou, Hunan and Chongqing, the frontline lighting areas are showcased with large screens adorned with light, fully showcasing the beauty and enjoyment of modern light and shadow in today's cities.