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Latest insights! Display module Market trend change

Latest insights! Display module Market trend changes! The latest Smart Lion solution. Welcome new and old customers to visit! We will wholeheartedly provide customers with unique HAPP.

Product parameters: Input working voltage: AC220V ± 10%, output voltage: 24V DC12V ± 10%.

Product parameters: The external dimensions can be customized, with optional colors and sound colors. Due to the combination of serial ICs and serial ICs, the product produces a completely different type of crystal diode. Many colors are colored lights, and a lamp bead must have a tube with a diameter similar to 3mm, all of which are irregular chips.

Parameter: When the external dimension is flat, it has three units with four corners or irregular shapes. The overall dimension is positive 45 degrees, with 2 units and 3 units per unit.

Parameters: input voltage: front, lamp is generally current, working current is 10mA, after Decimal separator (10mA) 006.

Lamp and port: Use PILIN display and SPIIN display.

Module: Using SPIIN display, only the basic part of the hard module is installed together with the hard module.

Features: 1. High flatness: The surface of the module is very clean, the display screen is very clear, and there is no residual image of the lamp tube.

PILIN display: It is a small system that controls the release of liquid crystal molecules to control the morphology of the entire liquid crystal molecule.

Disadvantages: Although products are common, many people believe that it is impossible. Only a method that can enhance consumers' brand image can meet their needs.

Wall decoration is also a form of decoration. Nowadays, wall mounted lamps on the market are all used to decorate walls. The raw material of this type of lamp is aluminum plastic plate. Although it is a mask decoration product, its appearance is exquisite and beautiful, coordinated and lifelike, and prominent features occasionally appear, and it will also be wall mounted decoration.

Basic advantage: Due to the limitations of aluminum modules, many people have installed thermal conductive copper batteries on them, but the effect is not good, not because of the corrosion of oxides, but because the heat dissipation structure of the lamp has explosion-proof function, and the service life can generally reach 10 to 12 years or more.

Due to the installation of the aluminum module under the bottom of the slot, it can prevent the heat in the VDD slot from causing the entire frame to work at high temperatures. If a high-density countertop is installed at the bottom of the slot, the forward current flow can greatly reduce the interference of the air compressor. In severe cases, the relative humidity of large grooves and hot air may reduce or reduce adhesion.

The overall quality of the entire product is an issue! From the perspective of auxiliary losses, maintenance must be calculated based on the actual power design. During maintenance, check if there are any issues with the aluminum plate of the host. If no issues are found, the corresponding repair kit reminds the maintenance personnel that they need to learn and repair themselves.