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With the transfer of some orders, the trade volume of SMD LED has surged

With the transfer of some orders, the trade volume of SMD LED has skyrocketed, and the large price of $113 has increased quality inspection for one year! Can we start from three aspects.

Our company is a professional company engaged in computers and LCD TVs. The company has a website of 1.5 million and a door-to-door software account.

After sales service: AOI has been responsible for "cloud assisted" studios, wholesale of large printers, leasing, and other businesses for over a decade.

● Supply volume: 38K Ohms (Japan OPS), 62K Ohms (North American Film), agents, Taiwan Accumulation (PHDTs), Taiwan New Europe (SLD), National Star Feks, etc.

Reputation: With honesty as the foundation, the investment amount of the enterprise is based on Taiwan, technology at home, and innovation as the means.

Enterprise Level 2/5 Entrepreneurship Experience: 125 employees trained throughout the entire process, providing customers with high-quality and affordable products.

A wise enterprise is one that exhibits in a timely and wholesale manner, and provides wise cooperation for customers. 16 companies can assist customers in other regions or more to provide high-quality products and provide customers with unique strength!

AUO Corporation Guoxing Optoelectronics Ruyun Calculator puzzled Taiwan's new Handa Optoelectronics technology partners who knew that Xinhan Science and Technology provided customers with specific lists and real-time information collection services after customization.

Product category: Chip diode Product name: Schottky diode Model: SS34 Package: SMA Performance characteristics: A 3A/40V Schottky diode, split type semiconductor product; Supply method: Spot specification download: SS32-SS34.

Product Category: Universal Crystal Transistor Product Name: Switching Transistor Model: S8050 Packaging: SOT-23 Transistor Type: NPN Packaging: SOT-23 Supply Method: Spot Specification Download: S8050 SOT-23.

Product category: triode Product name: Field-effect transistor (transistor) Model: BL3401 Package: SOT-23 Supply method: off the shelf specification Download: BL3401.

Brand: Taiwan Baihong Product Name: Infrared Emission Tube, Light Emitting Diode Product Classification: Luminous Color: White Small Plate Quantity: 2000 pieces/plate Product Parameters: Rectangular Product Parameters: 40 pieces/plate