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The development effect of this DIP LED is really good

This DIP LED development has a really good effect. Outdoor lighting is done in the new LED exhibition area to showcase more visual effects.

Outdoor LED advertising screens are different, and we need to pay attention to their structure and materials when doing LED lighting projects.

When leaving the screen empty, 3-4 after-sales services should be provided according to project requirements to determine the solution.

Generally, lightning protection devices are installed on display screens and buildings. The basic unit of LED is the unit board, and each unit board needs to be erected with a load-bearing beam for display. According to different projects, it is required that the general unit board industry generally uses unit board 1969 components, and the first floor column of the unit board uses unit boards and unit boxes.

Display screen color, size, specifications, parameters, graphics, colors, etc. are combined according to specific circumstances. Meet the installation requirements for display screens.

The flatness of the ground should consider the steel structure of the ground. Generally, the steel structure design should adopt a double-sided double potential load-bearing system, and the steel structure should be suspended on the ground.

The waves are uneven in order. When designing outdoor full color screens, a deviation of 5mm between points should be considered. Customers should install them as soon as possible to avoid stepping on hard boards when doing waterproofing work.

Install lightning protection devices on display screens and buildings. In situations of direct sunlight protection or extreme lighting, the following issues of brightness attenuation must be considered.

With the continuous development of technology, ordinary display screens can no longer meet the needs of China's development, and the optical design of LED display screens has greatly improved both horizontally and vertically. The development and development of the country require long-term decoration of the same population through low drive LED displays. Currently, a complex design and the same environment have become one of the important modern equipment.

The optical power consumption, variety, and process complexity of LED light sources used in LED display screens are large, and the demand for photosynthesis for units and logistics providers is also enormous. Therefore, studying energy-saving and environmental protection requirements has a positive impact on the future development of LED display screens