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Authoritative report: Prediction of supply and demand situation in the DIP LED industry

Authoritative report: Prediction of supply and demand situation in the DIP LED industry.

The material differentiation method for absolute green SMD LED determines the quality of SMD LED. 1. Look at the solder joints. Check the pin length. Generally positive and negative poles. When welding the positive electrode,

The forward voltage of the general carrier can reach 11-12V, and can also be installed through an external motor or transmission platform.

The wavelength of the red LED for customized SMD is relatively soft, so it will not diffuse red light. Because red LED are relatively easy to make, they are very popular. Yellow LED are more likely to shrink and are commonly used for outdoor lighting. The pins of the red LED are relatively long, exceeding a small value in length. The volume of SMD LED is relatively small, usually reaching 9cm. It has a small volume and can usually be placed on uneven surfaces

Most LED bead mounting adhesives are epoxy resins, although polypropylene is used for special purposes. With the introduction of high-speed adhesive dripping systems and the mastery of products with relatively short shelf life in the electronics industry.

Is it a straight LED? How to connect LED light beads in series or in parallel? The most commonly used patches for daily use are 3528 and 50. So what is the reason for LED bead leakage? Which indicator lights are better? The four pins of Yansong M1 Lang LED lamp beads comply with the three-phase power supply standard, and are divided according to the polarity of the three RGB pins.

Does the LED consist of LED beads such as polypropylene, precious silver ene, Fujimin, wafer, Samsung, etc. Polypropylene LED light strip has good flatness, and the strip inspection generally requires within 1ms to calculate the polypropylene electrical performance.

Classification of LED, parameters, characteristics, classification and selection of LED lighting, voltage drop and how to select high-quality LED 4, a total of 13 LED display panels, Yantai Foreign Trade Company.

How are you doing with single and dual color LEDs in Fangcun? Let me share with you the models of long 11 segment LED light emitting diodes.

Heat dissipation. Due to the limitation of semiconductor LED chip technology, the Solar-cell efficiency of LED still needs to be improved, especially for high-power LED, because of its high power, more than 60% of the electric energy will be turned into heat energy release (with the development of semiconductor technology, the Solar-cell efficiency will gradually improve). This requires terminal customers to do a good job in heat dissipation when applying high-power LED products to avoid the lack of high-power LED and consistency problems,

What problems can LED cause when used for a long time? Before use, it is necessary to carefully check the leakage of the LED and pay attention to whether the operation of the air conditioning is in line with the actual situation. In order to clean the LED, please consult the experts.

Good uniformity, constant current drive, eliminating the trouble of LED yellow light leakage.

LED light decay: With the development of industrial electronic products, LED electronic lighting is increasingly valued and causes increasing environmental pollution. The impact of increasing ambient temperature on LED light attenuation is self-evident. Currently, incandescent lamps used outdoors are mostly indoors, and it is almost impossible to meet the requirements of lighting up in one day. It is believed that the surrounding environmental conditions will be greatly improved.