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High production standard display module distributors

High production standard display module distributors in Chengdu PLU Company have advantages such as multi machine comparison and multi point emissions without mercury or other elements. It can be said that all major panel companies are located in Chengdu.

The performance characteristic of LED display screens is that they protect the display while maintaining multiple high brightness levels. Simply put, it refers to the grayscale on the display screen, when the grayscale drops to.

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LED display billboards also have information dissemination function, mainly recognizing display information through display decoding machines, and can allocate its content to the display through video, thus achieving urban "advertising circle" advertising.

LED electronic display screens are advertising words or images assembled using LED. Hangzhou LED display screen, known as the fourth generation outdoor display new media, is a LED display screen manufacturer that relies on ideal driving energy for advertising words or video broadcasting in Bengbu.

The functional characteristics of LED display screen: (1) Control the light source through control method, which is convenient, simple, and easy to operate. It has the advantages of light control, power saving, maintenance free, and cost saving.

The indoor screen area is generally below ten square meters, with a point spacing of over ten square meters and a point spacing of over tens of meters.

The outdoor screen area is generally between a few to tens of square meters, which allows for a viewing distance of several meters under various weather conditions.

The installation method of transparent screens can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and is commonly seen in conventional transparent screens in large squares and other occasions.

The installation of indoor screens is usually on a wall or does not cause light. The reason is that such a wall has a black and white part on the back of the screen, no matter where it is installed. This requires the screen to be powered on and connected to a power plug, and the power plug should be used appropriately.

Because the installation distance of transparent screens is relatively small, the power inside the screen is usually turned on, and you can run it by turning on the power. The resolution of the box is generally higher, and the lower part of the curved screen needs to be good. If you think the brightness of the transparent screen is good, then it is for the users of the transparent screen.

What is the technical principle of LED transparent screens? Let me tell you some precautions for installing outdoor display screens. China is currently a very developed city, but in the general transportation field, displays can be used for shopping, so the range of product use is relatively large. The LED transparent screen can be easily opened or closed from the light source using LED beads. From the appearance, the LED transparent screen does not have light strips because it is customized according to customer requirements. What is the display principle of LED transparent screen? OLED transparent screen is a combination of a series of transparent LED light beads, which are then turned on. Generally, its principle is to maintain uniformity of the glass through the light from the light guide plate. This structure can effectively control light intensity and color. What is the principle of a transparent LED screen? OLED transparent screen is actually the technology of LED transparent screen itself, which has the characteristics of high permeability and high transparency, and is installed behind a glass curtain wall, which is very beautiful.