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The most powerful 7 segment LED display screen manufacturing industry

The most powerful 7 segment LED display screen manufacturing industry.

The installation of LED display screens is accompanied by the "e" of the machine, and the power voltage of the leased line is also a small issue on average in recent times, so installation and debugging are not very complicated. Today, there are many issues in everyone's daily life that everyone should pay attention to, which is the guidance before installing LED display screens. Everyone should pay attention to installing equipment, otherwise there may be any trouble during installation and the distance between devices.

As we all know, the 16 major functional areas of LED display screens cover Kunming and Yantai TV, but many people may not know how to install them when they come into contact. So how can we achieve the effect of LED display screens? How to achieve the configuration of LED display screens?

In recent years, the advertising industry has developed rapidly, and many advertising industries are also busy introducing new ideas. The sales market for LED displays is increasing, but the development of lighting is also increasing. LED displays on the same plane have caught our attention. Let's take a look at the interactive advertising brought by Kunming Advertising Company.

LED floor tile screen is a widely used outdoor media. It forms several modules by placing LED rings on the back of a wall of the same area, and then combining traditional boards and steel structures around them to provide suitable lighting for the LED.

Outdoor LED display screens can also be divided into common anode and common cathode according to the width and installation area of the public wall. The common positive and negative display screens have synchronous stripes (dual color screen), common anode, and dual color screen. 1、 What is LED? LED. Light emitting diode is a semiconductor electronic component that can emit light. Display screen features: 1. The height and vertical direction of the display screen are 7 segments of Nixie tube. The outer packaging is made of aluminum alloy profiles. The product is made of anodized aluminum film and other alloy grades. 2. The external packaging of the screen adopts an explosion-proof structure, and the main body is composed of an H-shaped gold box, a matrix S-shaped gold box, a Fresnel lens, and a film screen. The screen is set to manual CS/stop status monitoring mode. 3. The seven segment Nixie tube is composed of a magnetic sleeve and a switch. It is a basic component of the LED screen. The main body of the display screen is composed of H-type monochrome led lights, which can display various characters, numbers and other information. It is divided into seven sections of Nixie tube and eight sections of Nixie tube. The eight sections of Nixie tube are composed of eight LED, namely: on, off, replacement, replacement, price, effect picture, etc. The eight level and above sub components of the common cathode Nixie tube are related to the eight segment Nixie tube, which are respectively the display parameters of the functional controller such as lighting up, extinguishing, and replacing, and the bit size and packaging of the eight segment Nixie tube display screen. The eight segment Nixie tube display screen can display eight lines of digits, hexadecimal, 501H, 830nm, and material parameters, and the others are LED Nixie tube of the inventory sub chassis. The common cathode Nixie tube is similar to the eight segment Nixie tube in that it is above grade eight, without any sharp edge.