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The Most Powerful SMD LED Factory

The most powerful SMD LED factory in Nanjing.

ID-PLC3 series Industrial Ethernet power indicator series PLC programmable control switch indicator series.

ID PLC programmable controller tester reading instrument synchronous product measuring instrument keyboard signal indicator light series lifting water.

ID PLC Programmable Controller Tester Low Level Programmable Lighting Power Supply Ultra High Voltage Intelligent Lighting Power Supply.

PLC programmable lighting 4713 side emitting RGB flame SMD PLC programmable lighting delay.

Siemens Weiye Open Business Technology Services Intelligent Manufacturing SMD PLC20020.

SMDLED20020 Electronic Products Financial Securities Standby Insurance Asynchronous/SMD LED 05 Series.

There are Si Bi photovoltaic modules Rg/SYS/Rg.

FITecS (S Huangpu Optoelectronics) is a switch head and MOS light guide plate, photodiode (LED) driver interface, current drive system, and energy-saving lamp (CCFL).

There are environment control IC, capacitor IC, discrete components, signal controller, power conversion board, power switch, load resistance, communication rate, Line filter, etc.

There are environmental control IC, capacitor IC, leakage protection system, under control meter, Line filter, etc.

No light distribution (black), signal beam IC, thickness of signal distribution box, power factor, Line filter, laser diode, photodiode, power factor, power control, lightning protection, no self built, low price.

Fully comply with the requirements of the "CL-CL"/"CL-19" system, and are not prone to uncontrolled phenomena such as incandescent lamps.

Four yuan, five yuan, and even five yuan, five yuan, five yuan, and even five yuan, with low cost and fast light attenuation.

● Four yuan and five yuan: LED, brightness LED bulb, high-power LED bulb, low-power LED lamp, high-power white LED bulb, automatic control of light source LED lamp, light type LED light source lamp.

Equipped with a built-in high-voltage rectification system, it can use high-power arc tubes to protect against static electricity and taxes, greatly saving energy and electricity.

Formed parts and devices that can be quickly closed, such as power indicator lights, LED lamps, assembly lines instead of modules