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Top 10 DIP LED dealers

The top 10 DIP LED dealers distribute retail ultra-low LED floodlight technology, with overall floodlighting effects, showcasing more application solutions in a slightly larger space.

LED floodlights are very common on the market, so they can emit light of different colors. Their luminous principle is to combine multiple LED through the control of a light guide plate to complete flashing.

LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light, which can directly convert electricity into light. Its electrical power advantage is.

In the absence of incandescent lamps, as long as the battery is charged, the LED bulbs will emit different colors of light, depending on the overall charging system.

The use of variable light sources can be classified based on the following principles.

● Shape projection light: convenient, labor-saving, time-saving, and labor-saving. We can replace the indicator light on the charger with a square Dry cell under the rectangular square.

Under normal usage conditions, the red light remains long every hour, while the blue light is more than twice that of green and more than twice that of green.

● Energy saving. At the initial stage of the power supply, the LED uses a low-voltage power supply, so its service life is relatively long, generally 220v lamps.

Good protection. High seismic resistance, and the weight of the battery pack when climbing the ladder is also relatively large.

● Solar street lamp: green and environment-friendly solar street lamp. Solar power generation uses low-voltage electrical appliances. As long as the power does not need high-voltage power supply, it can supply power without consuming any electricity.

Solar controller: The control system of the solar controller controls the conversion of electrical energy into electrical energy through the controller, which is green and environmentally friendly without secondary pollution. The automatic emission protection function is more effective, and all electrical energy is converted into the required electrical energy.

Solar photovoltaic power generation systems are generally used on solar panels or solar panels, and battery modules are used on solar panels. The key equipment of a solar power generation system is the lamp holder, and the function of the controller is to generate a certain amount of heat from the lamp holder under the irradiation of sunlight, causing the solar panel to generate thermal flow and generate a certain amount of heat. A solar cell module is a rechargeable memory that converts electrical energy into electrical energy for power generation. A portion of the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy by the solar cell module, and an electric light is installed on the battery pack.

Solar commercial street lights are equipped with solar photovoltaic cells that have high energy efficiency, long lifespan, long lithium battery life, and low pollution. At the same time, the solar photovoltaic effect system has been upgraded for road traffic and urban road and street lighting projects. The solar signal pole is mainly composed of photovoltaic diodes, solar panels, batteries, and basic electricity. It can provide lighting fixtures for road traffic and urban roads, squares, parks, scenic spots, streets, etc. It has the characteristics of practicality, long service life, small size, high brightness, and small volume.

The development of solar commercial street light technology has led to the widespread application of solar photovoltaic power generation systems, bringing convenience to our lives. At night in many cities, solar photovoltaic power generation systems can not only provide electricity to the city, but also provide mobile traffic signals in various scenic spots, as well as the safe operation of solar traffic signals and the maintenance of industrial energy.