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Customs will conduct spot checks on the import and export goods of the display module

The customs will conduct spot checks on the import and export goods of display modules, and report that China imports foreign well-known monitors and exports them to Liaoning Province.

The optoelectronic display industry mainly includes displays, LCD displays, and application displays. Its technical principle is that LED convert electrical energy into light energy, which has a wide range of applications in modern society, such as lighting, flat panel displays, medical and health. With the continuous development and progress of laser technology, LED have replaced traditional artificial light sources and have many unique advantages. Let's talk about the lifespan of the light source.

The overall dimensions of LED are generally φ 50mm, due to the small spacing between lamp beads, there are many similar surfaces on the plane.

The size of the display is determined according to the size of the unit board, and its size depends on the size of the lamp beads. If the location is not based on how many Decimal separator there are in the unit board, generally there will be a faint 050 in the unit board, and the brightness loss has proved its importance.

I believe most people have encountered the problem of ultraviolet lamp beads leaking electricity, but the reasons for the leakage vary. Some UV lamp beads have leakage due to testing after the UV lamp bead packaging is completed, but the leakage current is high.

Nowadays, UVC lamp beads are very active and widely used. Many manufacturers continuously layout their UVC lamp bead products and use them for sterilization in various aspects. Now, we may see the presence of UVC lamp beads in these uses.

LED beads are often asked by friends about quality issues, such as how to distinguish them and how to choose them. Whether there is a guarantee of quality and other issues, Tongjia Optoelectronics has been specializing in the production of LED for 20 years.

Many customers who need to use 5mm round head plug-in LED beads will ask about the voltage range of 5mm round head plug-in LED beads. 5MM round head plug-in LED beads have low working current, low working voltage, high reliability, long service life, good impact resistance and seismic resistance, and can be modulated.

Model main wavelength (nm) photoelectric characteristic 1/2 viewing angle () chip material luminescence color forward voltage (V) luminescence intensity (mcd) test current=20mA general value maximum value warm white.

Media: As an emerging light emitting diode, LED (LEDs) have advantages such as high electro-optical efficiency, small size, long lifespan, low voltage, energy conservation, and environmental protection, making them the preferred device for the new generation of lighting. The growth of LED is influenced by national standards.

Differentiation: When it comes to LED, the first thing we need to understand is what LED means, which is a light emitting diode. The principle of LED lighting is the three color LED light source that we usually see on the street. Let's take a look below.

When it comes to LED lighting fixtures, the first thing to understand is the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting fixtures: 1. The power of LED lighting fixtures: LED lighting fixtures can be divided into low power, 05W, 1W, 3W, 5730, etc.