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Pay high attention to the development of DIP LED industry

Pay close attention to the development trend of the DIP LED industry, fully demonstrating the high-quality virtual grid visual experience. The market share of bottleneck curved LED displays is increasing, with more and more advertising terminal manufacturers or optoelectronic displays.

There are many kinds of equipment in the LED display industry chain. The popularity of the identification system and the significant improvement of indoor environmental adaptability have the advantages of higher lighting efficiency, lower energy consumption, more environmental protection, small size, light weight, fast response speed, etc. compared with ordinary displays.

LCD and LED are two different display technologies. LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals, while LED is a display screen composed of LED. You must be familiar with the LED display, there is no difference, but in the indoor environment, applications with relatively high safety requirements, the LED display is clearer and clearer.

With the development of market economy and the large-scale application of LED display screens, LED display screens have become mainstream products. Why? From the perspective of the advantages and disadvantages of LED display screens, on the one hand, it is because the function of the LED tube core is the semiconductor material of the semiconductor material, and on the other hand, the power of the PN junction is fundamentally different from that of the chip. When the power grid is excessively hot, the photoelectric performance of the chip is affected, and the internal resistance increases, causing the display angle of the LED display screen to decrease. In addition, the construction of peripheral equipment increases. The organic LED control system determines the brightness of the display screen, greatly improving its luminous intensity.

The scale of LED displays is very large, which makes the appearance of LED displays more realistic and meets the high requirements of the brand, improving the viewing effect of LED displays.

The display colors of LED display screens are mostly composed of thousands of colors, forming a bright color perspective. This makes LED displays a beautiful landscape on buildings.

With the highly upgraded development of the market and media, the performance of LED displays is also constantly improving, rather than LCD displays.

LCD screens are usually installed at the back and top of the display screen, which makes the display effect more outstanding and can also play a waterproof and anti-corrosion role.

(It can be roughly seen that an LED display screen is composed of multiple LED light emitting diodes, each with a positive and negative electrode, which looks extremely different.).

This institution is Raman, while the finished product is a set.

If you do not pay attention to heat dissipation issues, the overall heat dissipation of the screen gradually decreases, especially in high ambient temperatures. The interior of indoor LED display screens uses heat sinks, and the requirements for heat sinks will gradually decrease.

The relevant service agency is equivalent to your home, and the overall heat sink of your screen body must be opened up and down from the screen body. Please be careful during operation.

(All forms of maintenance and replacement conditions are important factors that affect maintenance, and care should be taken when repairing.) Please note that the details are different.

(The shell material is galvanized/stainless steel), and the high temperature of the box is 300 ° C, which can cause significant damage to the eyes.

(Audio, TV remote control maintenance, display theater, etc.), suitable for DLP and LCD splicing screens.