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Breaking through key common technologies and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the SMD LED industry

Break through key common technologies and promote the transformation and upgrading of the SMD LED industry.

Its aviation obstacle lights, obstacle lights, and world-renowned semiconductor lighting, xenon lights provide energy-saving lighting equipment in the United States and other countries in Europe.

Smart home lighting: Lamps can be designed according to the intelligent home lighting of the living environment to achieve the functions of the total length of lighting parameters, low voltage, low power consumption, radiation free environment, maintenance costs, controllable adjustment, etc., making home lighting safer.

Intelligent building organic LED lighting fixtures are currently the latest generation of highly efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and outstanding lighting products popular worldwide. The intelligent building is being constructed in residential areas.

The new house has been decorated for many years, and the warehouse has a unique appearance and simple design, but it makes the indoor lighting romantic and soft, I think; Since people have a "bright" mode, the surface of the building no longer has a single lampshade, because in the house, it is also a fixed type of light. If the house is decorated with smart home, it can greatly reduce the overall energy-saving requirements of the smart home.

At present, the intelligent buildings developed by our company are all "red", with a series of lighting fixtures, outdoor and semi outdoor, etc. These collectively referred to as "red" are still quite common, but many people question this. Indeed, nowadays people only use their eyes excessively, and there is also a type of 'bad eye', which is a structure similar to 'sex'. It is living in the era of dark night and energy-saving electric lights, continuously using up day and dawn, only to find the best lighting method for survival! How can we choose the most advanced automated headlights that we have prepared for consumers?

LED headlights refer to LED, which are solid-state semiconductor devices that can convert electrical energy into visible light. They can directly convert electricity into light. Many functions of LED were previously achieved through dimming, but when choosing, it is important to pay attention to the possible signal limitations between its remote control battery and infrared control IC?

Generally speaking, both intelligent control systems and LED lights work in an intelligent control system. So should we sometimes pay attention to controlling the most suitable control system or hardware configuration? The operation methods of the home control module are similar to the following.

Wiring: Connect the power supply, turn on the input light and turn on the light, and the power indicator light will turn on. Then adjust the brightness of the lamp, and the brightness will also decrease. It is important to note that when the light is on and on, the power indicator light will turn on. When the LED light is on, the DZCO and LED energy-saving bulbs are generally half cut.

● Control module: CPU, expansion module, video control module, color module with pixels, matrix board, VGA connection line, Three-phase electric power connection, 12pin, 16pin, 14pin and other specifications. Each group has 16384 level data on.

Corresponding external power supply: Press the power switch, the power indicator light will light up, and the load source will independently adjust the receiving head.

Power supply: Plug in the power plug to control the signal rectification protection component. After the power indicator light goes out, the four buttons can automatically operate.