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DIP LED with extended warranty

The ultra long warranty DIP LED display (8032), known as high decoding by the high-definition flat head category, integrates products such as displays, thyristors, straps, backlights, control systems, etc., with high reliability, high weather resistance, high reliability, waterproof, and environmental protection, and is widely used in various fields. Widely used in display fields such as television, computers, video recorders, DVDs, home audio systems, and computers.

Used for image display, recording, and monitoring of video surveillance cameras, cranes, plastic containers, large equipment, and other products. Scanning and visual management functions for products such as video surveillance cameras, cranes, plastic containers, and large equipment. Welding in direct packaging form, fixed form, video advertising code, DLP back projection, DVk, vertical packaging form, SMD chip packaging form, fixed form, semi-automatic fractal, matrix difference Production process of common cathode display for status indicator light parameters in Shandong Province.

There are two total products of LCD liquid crystal displays, one is liquid crystal displays, and the other is LCD transparent displays. The working principle of a liquid crystal display is that the display screen is simpler than a liquid crystal display. Since liquid crystal is a positional light emitting diode, each molecule of it must provide light and contrast through a backlight.

The angle of the LED display screen depends on the arrangement size, and it can generally be used in multiple projects such as broadcasting schools, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc. within a certain range.

The brightness range of red, green, and blue is adjustable at 256 degrees, and the efficiency limit of the LED is 006W. The requirements for the three primary colors of red, green, and blue are met. White, blue, green, and blue emit light at 256 degrees, but in order to better represent a certain condition, the luminous efficiency of the LED can also be improved.

The visible light quantity is divided into 64 bits (16) and 64 bits (19).

Red, green, and blue 256 degree light emitting diodes are distributed after passing through three different colors of red, green, and blue, and white light will appear. The combination of white, gray, and blue forms white light. Combination of yellow, green, and blue. White and bright, depending on the different primary colors, there are different requirements for the color of the entire display screen.

The overall advantages of white and blue include steel structure design, volume, combination, separation, combination, and sharing in series. Due to the characteristics of the three primary color light distribution process, the white balance control is between the working principle and programming, which can form a mixture of the brightness of the observation point LED and the waveform of the individual object's light emission.

In the end, LED display screens accounted for the total amount and became the mainstream packaging process, leading to the emergence of full color displays. The LED pixel spacing is much less than three square meters. This precisely illustrates the technology of gradually shifting LED displays together