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The most powerful DIP LED distributor

The most powerful DIP LED distributor: Established in 2008 by Guangdong Huizhuo Company, the LED industry in the United States was invested and established 110 years ago.

P10 outdoor full color LED display screen adopts SMD21 ultra high brightness LED, suitable for urban landscape design curtain wall engineering.

The P10 outdoor full color LED display screen adopts LED light emitting diodes, which have high luminous efficiency, high gray level, and are free of various harmful substances such as ultraviolet, red, green, yellow, and blue. The energy-saving effect of the display screen will naturally not be worse than 10 gray levels, and the refresh speed is fast.

● Level grayscale, single attenuation color, stable and reliable image.

● Level grayscale, diverse attenuation screen frequencies, and rich and colorful colors. Most outdoor full color LED displays use SMD patches as the lamp beads, which have a high level of moisture and water resistance.

Indoor full color LED display screens have high cost-effectiveness, making up for the shortcomings of outdoor LED displays and greatly attracting more attention. Outdoor LED displays showcase unique design and charm, providing a better visual experience for commercial malls. It is understood that the lighting project uses LED ultra high brightness LED light emitting diodes, with a driving current of less than 20mA. The luminous efficiency of LEDs is lower than that of indoor LED pipelines.

The color teacher conducts flat LED display screens by controlling the display mode of RGB semiconductor LED, which are made of different semiconductor materials.

The dynamic range of LED display screen is more than 100mA, which not only has the advantages of high brightness, high contrast, high Refresh rate, but also can extend the life of packaging.

With the development of technology, various application fields such as pixel points and viewing angles of LED display screens, as well as video image display, have been widely applied, bringing many conveniences to people's lives.

Red, green, and blue LEDs all have the characteristic of decreasing brightness with increasing working time. The structure of LED requires strict allocation according to the environment and each pixel point, and requires these pixels to meet the requirements under the designed internal or external ambient light adjustment conditions.

The display color of a full color LED display screen is composed of LED lights in three colors: red and blue. Each pixel is an independently packaged large size. The control mode of the LED lights is to control the wavelength of the RGB three primary colors, that is, to mix and process the colors of each pixel.

The control system requires a high-definition LED display screen to display constant brightness and color, and requires the display screen to be automatically connected and have a high control perspective. Due to the sealed insulation of the input source of the LED lamp and the lamp assembly plug-in, the protection and electrical performance requirements of the control system strictly follow the grounding and control conditions.

Adopting an automatic crystal solidification and baking control system, it is mainly designed for the display equipment of laboratory supporting equipment. A good equipment control system can effectively reset and control the equipment, and can automatically fill ash, exposure, and color gamut according to customer requirements.

Precautions for LED court screen: When using a flat LED court for a long time, it is necessary to shorten the area where the LED court is used for a long time. At the same time, please remember the precautions for using the supporting equipment inside the box: 1. For the brand's traditional stadium signage that has been used for a long time, it can be classified according to customer requirements.