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These innovative technologies will transform manufacturers of 7 segment LED displays within 5 to 10 years

These innovative technologies will change the following issues for manufacturers of 7 segment LED display screens within 5 to 10 years.

The reason for the problem with the LED display screen can be seen as either a model display or already displayed. The appearance of an LED display screen is similar to that of a 3,3 pin definition and a 16 pin definition,

If these problems are caused by LED display module, it is difficult for consumers to detect or there are safety hazards. Therefore, attention must be paid to the installation of LED display screens, which will be explained in detail below.

If installing the same box, it is advisable to consider the issue of "appearance" first. The "appearance" and "density" of the box are located near the window, such as the relative raised or lit together above.

Outdoor LED displays must be well waterproof due to frequent weather conditions such as rain and fog. Due to the unique construction environment of the installation site, compared to other outdoor LED display screens, it is necessary to regularly deposit objects such as anti-corrosion materials such as galvanized resin or gold or copper wires to avoid the occurrence of lightning and rain.

The practicality of LED display screens is very strong, the decoration effect is also very delicate, and the chromaticity is very bright, and the colors are rich and colorful. Compared with traditional outdoor LED displays, LEDs have advantages in brightness, power consumption, viewing angle, and refresh rate.

The flatness of the outer shell of the LED display screen with good appearance should be within ± 1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted, and local protrusions or recesses will cause dead corners in the display angle.

The top of the outdoor LED display screen in the installation environment should have a corresponding brightness grounding wire. The shape of the grounding wire should be well connected to the grounding wire of the LED, and there should be a tilt angle. In order to achieve good display effect, the angle of the grounding wire must be considered.

The DLP display screen is composed of a row of light emitting diodes arranged and combined, so the quality of the LED directly affects the overall quality of the display screen. The DLP display screen is mainly used for playing video programs, using high brightness LEDs and cameras.

The display effect of a full color LED display directly affects the viewing effect. If the user does not know how to check, then consult a professional to check.

For outdoor LED advertising screens, the weather is unpredictable, which indicates that they are not suitable for outdoor use. So, pay attention to the quality of the LED advertising screen itself.

DLP displays do not have high environmental requirements and require a certain amount of technical time and environment to adapt. I need to see you within 10 hours every day.

The installation of LED advertising screens is carried out during decoration. If they are installed on outdoor advertising screens or if the weather has affected us, continuous remote control or football field lighting or billboards can be used.

Green and environmentally friendly: The waterproof measures of the LED advertising screen itself need to be taken where necessary. Green and environmentally friendly elements are basically the same as outdoor LED advertising screens, and attention should be paid when using them.