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Industry Cold, SMD Light Emitting Diode Industry Initiates Price War

The industry is facing a cold, and the SMD LED industry is actively engaging in a price war.

LED light emitting diodes are becoming increasingly widely used, and the first version of home security display screens rely on chip size to achieve ultra large LED chips. No matter how well domestic LED packaging IC capabilities are made, they are not as full as chips.

Anti static and moisture-proof LED (Light Emitting Diode) has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, high operational reliability, and strong anti-interference ability, making it easy to forge over 90% in harsh environments.

LED beads are already a very familiar product in the LED industry, but many people are not very familiar with the price of LED beads. What is the reason for the huge difference in LED bead prices? Below, we will introduce the factors that affect the price of LED beads.

LED beads are semiconductor devices, commonly known as LED. Its core is a semiconductor chip, which can convert electrical energy into light energy.

How to prevent LED lamp beads from being corroded is a problem that needs attention: 1. The environmental temperature changes greatly. The structure of LED beads requires improving the reliability of LED beads. Secondly, heat dissipation also needs to be summarized in advance. Firstly, the reliability of LED beads is affected by some energy-saving and environmental protection factors, and different models of LED beads may have higher prices.

When the lamp beads work, they must generate a certain amount of heat. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even be burned, resulting in the LED lamp beads being scrapped.

If series or parallel series connection is used for base adjustment, this method is very reliable. You can choose according to your actual needs.

Avoid LED beads starting and not turning on simultaneously at low voltage (20-50V): Be aware that an increase in temperature will cause the heat inside the LED bead lamp body to dissipate.

● Avoid LED light beads from becoming excessively high at high or high voltage, as they will immediately fail when exceeding their rated value.

We can change the process parameters to increase the thermal impedance of the bracket by using a series or parallel connection method.

We can adjust the structure and luminous type of LED beads by changing process parameters. LED lamp bead is a kind of semiconductor light-emitting device. Its light-emitting mode is red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white and natural gray. After a certain arrangement and contact with screws, the brightness of LED beads can be automatically or manually adjusted. The frequency range of red, green, and blue is 20-22m/min, with blue, green, white, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. 20m/min, usually φ 5m/min, usually φ 10m/min.

Flashing LED beads, flat headed LED, red, yellow, green, and blue each composed of five materials: tube core, conduction tube core, chip, gold wire, and epoxy resin. Standard 2 "chip LED beads.

Wafer high temperature infrared thermometer ND2037HD34 Huairou District.

Welcome to Chuxiong, Yunnan. The price list for extended pre embedded waterproof casing in 2022 has been updated (today/information).