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SMD LED Industry Survives in the Gap

The SMD LED industry is struggling to survive in the cracks.

Previous one: The point light source uses LED beads as the backlight, numbered 2051000 COB light source, which looks similar to a regular fluorescent tube. However, a layer of long-lasting color filter is added below the light source without any treatment, making the overall spectrum look more beautiful and without exposed pores. The color can be adjusted. From the appearance, the straw hat shaped LED lamp beads are Monochromatic radiation light, without the same decorative color as the chandelier.

Next: Insert LED beads. The straw hat shaped LED beads are straw hat shaped circular with longer pins, while the pins of the SMD LED beads are mainly made in a lightweight and convenient way. The diode is a pressure welded alloy.

As long as 220V AC is connected to this circuit, the conduction resistance value is around 5V, which is an important measure to protect the LED bead power line.

The intelligent multi-function power supply ensures the reliability and long life of DC output, and can resist the appearance for a long distance. From the product point of view, the straw hat shaped LED lamp beads are Monochromatic radiation light, not so sharp, but the color changes.

A true LED bead should be small in size, designed with a very specialized EMC optimization, without the need for an external processor. The biggest advantage of the bead is that the light source uses 4 pins, which is reflected in this advantage, thus emitting light.

Light emitting diodes, commonly known as LEDs, are truly unsung heroes in the electronics world. They have done many different jobs and can be seen in various devices. Overall, a LED is just a tiny light bulb. But unlike common incandescent bulbs, LED do not have filaments and cannot be specifically heated. It is simply caused by the movement of electrons in semiconductor materials to emit light.