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This link is prone to loopholes, and DIP LED foreign traders should be careful!

This link is prone to loopholes, and DIP LED foreign traders should be careful!

As people often ask, they have been exploring and imagining the value and performance required for the future development of LED beads. A good LED lamp bead undoubtedly has a market advantage that supports their future direction. They firmly believe that those who scale overnight will provide value for their future. Therefore, when purchasing SMD LED lamp beads, they refer to this specification book_ The latest news about LED beads over the past year.

According to the analysis of semiconductor lighting technology and industry development trends, the application of LED in fields such as LED lighting, energy-saving lamps, automotive lighting, outdoor lighting, etc. will be a sweet period for LED lighting applications. But not all regions still need lighting, and their survival still requires lighting. All LED lighting products require a lengthy production process and strict quality control. Some LED lighting products are scrapped or left behind due to improper maintenance. Due to various reasons such as poor heat dissipation, module usage, connection line defects, connection cable defects, throttling drives, etc., it is necessary for customers to understand their needs when selecting outdoor lighting products.

The demand of lighting manufacturers is a solution that has been sold in the industry for a long time, and due to the advancement of technology and energy, as well as the decrease in costs, the light emitted by LEDs is the brightest and brightest light. From a technical perspective, the professional value of LED and OLED is fully demonstrated in the evaluation of unit templates, functional walls, lamp body surfaces, and product evaluations. According to different application scenarios, manufacturers can choose different PWM.

LED light source lighting products are lighting products that use LED (LEDs) as light sources. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, long service life, small size, light weight, and long-lasting durability.

Ordinary fluorescent lamps do not contain toxic element mercury, which seriously affects the lighting effect. Ordinary fluorescent lamps do not use high-pressure mercury and other heavy metal packaging, and their service life is less than one year. The normal service life of ordinary fluorescent lamps is about one year.

● More energy-efficient fluorescent lamps are a type of energy-saving fluorescent tubes. When producing white LED tubes, it is necessary to replace the use device on the gold wire of energy-saving and environmentally friendly fluorescent tubes with cooling to make them safer and more energy-efficient, and to achieve better energy-saving effects