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Display module with extended warranty

Wholesale of display modules with ultra long warranty, including Shenzhen, fit type, backlight, three primary and two primary colors full color, display modules, monochrome and full color displays, and outdoor full color screens.

Super length 15m, high Refresh rate IR, excellent cooperation with anti-interference strong wide-angle display.

Outdoor LED display screens, as advertising media, have become the darling of outdoor media. Today, Huateng Xiaohua will talk to you about the differences between indoor LED displays.

LED display screen is a new type of information display medium, which is a flat display screen composed of LED dot matrix modules or pixel units. eight × 8-point matrix LED display screen, common cathode display SMD, 8 × 16 dot matrix LED display screen, any pixel can be made into different display screens according to specific display requirements. The following are the various parameters of this display screen.

Simply put, the LED transparent screen is the LED display screen, which is made of advanced heat dissipation aluminum plastic plate with mature structure or spacing of 15cm. The total area is significantly larger, and the screen body is made of high brightness LED light emitting diodes, with a temperature rise of 5-40 ° C and 5-31 ° C, and a protection level of IP65, which is the safety and stability of products such as IP65.

At present, the application range of LED transparent screens is becoming increasingly widespread, whether in cities or bars, KTV, coffee shops, banks, etc. You can see its presence. We sincerely invite Staples Technology to provide professional "touch LED screen" solutions.

The difference between the appearance of LED transparent screens and LED strip displays reflects that LED strip displays can not only serve as decorative purposes, but also clearly display imaging images, making people feel like a mobile lighting system after seeing them.

In addition to the display section, the LED strip display screen also has a built-in video processor that can reproduce the root square image of the image. When the image is folded to a certain extent, the control system can also place the sound processor on the active screen wall 45cm away from the screen, which can adjust the angle to make the sound higher.

The dynamic LED display screen can Dynamic simulation the lighting design of the dynamic picture, make the visual enjoyment, make the scene color more clear, and make the sense of visual gain. Allowing users to clearly see the realism of the scene makes personalized creativity an essential means for watchchain owners to consume.

DLP display screen is a device composed of multiple LED packaged together to form an "8" shape. The leads have been connected internally, and only their individual strokes and common electrodes need to be led out.

The LED display screen and the junction between the screen and the building must be strictly waterproof and leak proof; The screen should have good drainage measures to ensure smooth drainage in case of accumulated water.

Due to the installation of engineering plastics outdoors, which are installed on the protective layer of engineering plastics, and on the walls of waterproof areas, they must be able to ventilate and dissipate heat. So, after the installation of engineering plastics, it is necessary to do a good job of waterproofing and leak prevention as much as possible.

LED displays have been used in the field of outdoor advertising for some time, with simple product structure and excellent sound quality. They also belong to the outdoor roaming experience in the advertising field.