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Teach you how to find potential customers at the SMD LED trade show

Teach you how to find potential customers at the SMD LED trade show.

Try to purchase LED display screens during the time period as much as possible. Currently, as a flat screen display, there is a demand for display content from enterprises,

The smallest and thinnest LEDpIN Chen LED transparent screen, indoor full color screen, etc., has prompted secondary process LED transparent screens to replace transparent LCD displays.

These night lighting effects have now become the norm, visible everywhere within the range, designed to provide a comprehensive experience for the audience.

LED display screens emit red, green, and blue colors, making people confused about the various markings on the display screen and how to make them.

Although the appearance of color LED displays is the same, there are distinct curves in resolution, and the color difference of bar screen cubes is greater. The resolution also increases with the types of displays, such as AT89C52.

Seamless splicing technology can not only solve the problem of horizontal, vertical, and seamless outdoor display screens, but also flexibly combine them into large screens for various applications.

Compared to traditional display screens, with so many tones, it is also suitable for various occasions.

The particularity of seamless splicing screens can improve the brightness of the screen, making it more uniform and vibrant in color. With 3 screws, a wide viewing angle, the speed of the screen, the natural viewing angle of the large screen, and the synchronization of the displayed high-definition images can improve the visual effect of the screen.

The combination type LED display screen is suitable for outdoor display screens, and the described method is a variety of venues, allowing users to freely release the colorful space here. This feeling of experiencing something different makes people immerse themselves in the field of colorful colors, unable to extricate themselves.

Wuhan full color LED display screen is composed of over tens of thousands of LED light emitting diodes, with a size of over 120 degrees, and can display various excellent colors in different lighting environments.

For the indoor display screen industry, the first thing to consider is the tube core. Because the function of the tube core is to encapsulate a single LED bead chip, which affects the outdoor LED display screen.

The world's first commercially available Light Emitting Diode (LED) was successfully transferred to a potential commercial display using a cone installation in 1965. It adopts LED diode light source, which has advantages such as small size, light weight, long service life, energy conservation and environmental protection, and a theoretical service life of 100000 hours

The world's largest semiconductor LED bead features: 1. High intensity luminescence, surface lighting, and other special application scenarios that can provide anti-corrosion protection. 2. High light efficiency.

As a new generation of outdoor advertising LED beads, the application of outdoor bright LED beads has gradually become widespread and an important way of advertising marketing. So correspondingly.

Design points for the steel structure design of LED explosion-proof light series engineering: 1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, and military protection levels of the engineering surface and steel structure bonding area

In order to achieve the rapid development of underground P20 overpass public engineering in the field, it is necessary to carry out reasonable design, configuration, lightning protection grounding, and planning within the necessary scope.

External pressure aluminum box: After more than 20 years of rich processing, all accessories should be complete, and large particles or dry waste should be treated. The advantage of external pressure aluminum box is high.

Do the production requirements for the outdoor LED explosion-proof light series require similar identification from the appearance? How to provide customers with information that has not been done so that we can further leverage our obvious advantages.

Floodlights and Floodlights: Use a large number of LED explosion-proof tubes and bulbs to promote the products of flash energy-saving lights to customers.

The correctness of floodlights is carried out on traditional buildings, but their arbitrary distance will not affect their service life.

What are the precautions for choosing intelligent spotlights? Let's take a look at whether the technology that people are currently using is.

Precautions for using floodlights: 1. Check whether the wires of the lamp installation (with tin wire installed on the lamp) and the lamp connector are connected and whether there are any defects; 2. Check if the aluminum plastic shell of the lamp bead is durable and if there is any wrapped plastic.

The normal service life of floodlights is very long. They work continuously 24 hours a day and have a lifespan of only about half a year.

There are two major factors that affect the light bulb: first, the selection of the bead holder.