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How much capital does this display module market attract?

How much capital does this display module market attract? How to accelerate this car.

How to accelerate the development of this car? Since the emergence of the LED market, it has received widespread attention in many industries, such as monitoring the quality of LED lighting, supporting related fields, or ensuring the safety of transportation lighting. Today, the editor of Lanjin Optoelectronics has brought it to everyone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED Automotive lighting? Today, the editor of Lanjin Optoelectronics will take you to understand this issue. 1. Brightness and perspective.

LED Automotive lighting are divided into two types: the first phase cathode indicator and the second anode indicator. The second anode indicator light is used for direct light, warning, and night flashing lights.

The energy-saving advantages of LED light sources continue to increase with the global environmental protection situation, and the utilization scale of LED light sources is relatively high, with lower energy consumption and safer safety. When used in an environment without sunlight, LED light sources can use less energy than incandescent or energy-saving lamps.

Due to the fact that LED light sources operate at the same brightness, their lifespan is several times longer than incandescent lamps and several times longer than incandescent lamps. Usually, LED light sources are driven by direct current and are electronic devices that consume less energy and start instantly. Compared to incandescent lamps, they have higher energy consumption.

The difference between SMD LED beads and straw hat beads, as well as the positive and negative poles of LED beads, is only a positioning to control the brightness of the light source, while the positive and negative poles of LED beads are only small enough to achieve micro luminescence levels.

The difference between LED patch beads and straw hat beads: 1. From the appearance, straw hat shaped LED beads are straw hat shaped circular (hence the name), with longer pins, while patch LED beads are mostly rectangular, without pins or with very short pins (a type of high-power handmade patch beads). 2. Seen from the light softness: straw hat shaped lamp beads have higher brightness, darker light, uniform distribution and heat dissipation, and less brightness attenuation than Automotive lighting bulbs. 3. From the perspective of luminescence: the perspective boundary of straw hat shaped lamp beads is more obvious, while the perspective boundary of SMD lamp beads is narrower. The contact area between SMD lamp beads and integrated circuits is much larger than that of integrated circuits. 4. The spacing between lamp beads is 10mm, and the spacing between SMD lamp beads is 14mm. SMD lamp beads have a smaller size compared to integrated circuits.

The color, material, brightness and degree of LED beads are brief. Many times the New May Day Labour Day is coming. In order to make everyone have a happy Spring Festival, try to arrange a full audience for the festival. Here are monochrome LED beads, two-color LED beads, and three color LED beads. According to the colloid color, patch beads include: red light, green light, yellow light, purple light, white light, pink light, yellow light, warm white, seven colors of the sun, f5, colorful, various colors Brightness, etc., and can be customized as needed.