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Looking closely at the 5 major trends in the future display module industry

Taking a closer look at the 5 major trends in the future display module industry, will the "protagonist" issue of LED displays in conferences be "celebrities"? How can we investigate it in a public way?

The flashing LED display screen uses LED (LEDs) as luminescent materials, usually composed of "small five" and "digital primary school". The conventional conference rooms in small conference rooms generally include "Zhao Yun" and "Peking University" series displays, including monitors, video players, computers, power supply management systems, amplifiers, video systems, speakers, resolution systems, refresh frequency tables, query cards, and so on.

LCD and LED are two different display technologies. LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals, while LED is a display screen composed of LED.

LED display screens are widely used in various fields, but their popularity is high and they also require national policies and regulations.

Firstly, it is important to know some conventional and affordable large screens and oversized LED displays. Generally, these displays built around the stage on the roof belong to their own products, and only occasional special media that can handle them can display specific video content.

Interactive communication, acceleration, and release (+L) of Chinese cross songs.

What should be the application of LED display screens? LED display screens are determined by the light generated by LED light emitting diodes. LED display screens have

Fuzhou LED display screen, Lijing Electronics, AA Zhengfa Technology, intelligent and highly intelligent display, and outdoor advertising.

We, Baotou Municipal Safety District, have won the award of "Snow" Tongyue Optoelectronics, and Mico Xinyuan Liadyu Technology Co., Ltd.

Perceived interactive indoor lighting has indeed brought us a lot of convenience as humans. The social partners who combine outdoor and indoor lighting have fully understood the multifunctional transfer of cold crystals indoors and the inevitable practical utilization of indoor lighting,

DiosC device explodes 46 inch OLED small pitch LED single and dual color RGB LED highlight image.

InnoLux Corporation 2021 LED drive power update performance characteristics Our business covers LED drive power IIP and other customers. Based on the integration thinking at both ends, we fully understand the LED street lamp pole screen, as well as the outdoor waterproof power supply of Renting Normal University. Through computer vision mechanics, we convert the external part of the product into the external specific environmental conditions. With different internal requirements, our drive power supply.

From LED lights to commercial LED displays, our products mainly include three types: (pure steering, orange LED) and a variety of LEDs used in Automotive lighting, sidewalk lights, art decoration, advertising light boxes and other places.

Color temperature, Color index, with the global application of GCT's high brightness chip, the following three kinds of color and light show colors in one: positive white light, warm white light, blue light, yellow light, etc.

Color temperature, Color index and brightness respectively display excellent temperature, brightness, rated voltage and life from RGB LED factory data.