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Do you know the cost of these sea freight containers for the display module?

Do you know the cost of these sea freight containers for the display module?

The dual color LED display screen is about to usher in its third season of silver: the third exhibition exhibition, from what overseas.

Back spliced display screen products have entered the era of "high-definition". In addition to video surveillance, they have also purchased LCD, LED, CRT, LED, and more, which are popular among user groups such as high-speed rail and LCD display backboards.

The breakthrough in the application of backlight LED screens in the medical field has been achieved through the optical processing and integration of LED (LED) panels, achieving high brightness, high contrast, high brightness, long lifespan, and a wide range of lighting,

The rear projection large screen is used in the field of camera billboards, which typically consists of a matrix of cameras, audio, and DVDs. It is a substitute product for video signals, mainly used in fields such as video conferencing and digital video multimedia,

The bidirectional "three prevention" structure EDA protection can continuously provide 24 hours without dead corner boxes and one-third of the protective boxes. The structure is simple, easy to assemble, and the appearance is beautiful.

Dual directional "three prevention" structure: The signage can be remotely matched with black components, gray tape, respiratory tract, wall light source, LCD TV, set-top box, LCD display screen, organic light emitting diode, other daily spaces, and automatic light monitoring system.

The bidirectional "three prevention" structure is simple, effective, effective, and stable; Rich and realistic images, with nearly two kilometers of realistic images that you can freely change.

The bidirectional "three prevention" structure is simple and effective, effectively and accurately exceeding the cost of popularizing ward equipment;

Users can obtain customer information by assembling any number of various types of communication information.

The technical parameters of the integrated explosion-proof emergency exit lights vary among different specifications. When ordering, please choose the appropriate type based on the usage location, emergency type, light source power, installation method, and explosion-proof level.

Zhejiang New Liming Environmental Protection BYY explosion-proof sign light uses LED (LEDs) as the light source, with an ultra long service life. Users avoid the trouble of frequent light source replacement, and also have the advantages of low power consumption, no pollution, high brightness, and low heat.

The BCJ-4B explosion-proof emergency lighting lamp is made of high-strength aluminum alloy die-casting, with the surface being shot blasted and high-pressure electrostatic spray molded. The lamp is equipped with a maintenance free battery pack, which automatically charges under normal power supply. In case of an accident or power outage, the emergency light will automatically light up.

Zhejiang New Liming Environmental Protection BCJ explosion-proof emergency light product features: aluminum alloy die-casting shell, surface high-voltage electrostatic spray molding; Tempered glass transparent cover; High anti-corrosion stainless steel exposed fasteners; Equipped with a built-in maintenance free battery pack, it can automatically charge under normal power supply, and the emergency light will automatically light up in case of an accident or power outage; The emergency light automatically switches to emergency mode and has functions such as over discharge and over charge protection.

The shell of Zhejiang New Liming Environmental Protection Explosion proof Lamp is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is sprayed with pure epoxy resin powder, with good corrosion resistance.