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High production standard display module factory

The display module factory with high production standards in Xi'an cannot perform normal public maintenance and repair on large units, and the system can only be disconnected.

With the popularization and popularization of information technology equipment, the safety issues of daily lighting are receiving increasing attention. China's economy is in a stage of rapid development, so electricity, as an important equipment, is indispensable. But with the development of the semiconductor industry, the technology and cost of LED light emitting diodes have greatly increased based on the high improvement of LED display technology, resulting in a significant increase in the packaging quantity of LEDs.

With the development of China's economy and technology, the application of LED display screens has continued to increase, and the foreign trade companies of LED display screens have greatly developed. The foreign trade companies of LED display screens have also been widely developed, and digital products have met the needs of daily lighting. In recent years, the maintenance of LED display screens has also been carried out one after another.

LED display screen is a new type of information display medium, which is a flat display screen composed of LED dot matrix modules or pixel units. Figure 2 shows 8 × The structural diagram of an 8-point matrix LED display screen,

It uses LED dot matrix modules or pixel units to form an outdoor LED display screen, with the symbol that the display system is placed on both sides of the row channel for use by dot matrix LED displays.

The composition of dot matrix LED display screen: It is composed of multiple dot matrix modules spliced together, and the display is mainly composed of LED, outer frames, and devices.

Current coefficient: Pixel point spacing (pixels) 100%/m - spacing (points), current coefficient (points)/400MA/BT2 × (column), brightness coefficient: 40%/m - foot, bulb type: brightness: 35 °/angle, by weight.

Seven color synchronization is where each dot matrix module has a certain number of pixels, why choose which of them? How should I choose?

Use A-point power: that is, each lattice box should have a high die-cast aluminum box, why choose a low level. There are two methods for using die-casting aluminum boxes, namely the first and second; The third type. Transparency - free of mercury, why choose a low level is a consideration factor for the price of LED epitaxial wafers and die-cast aluminum boxes.

Why is LED called LED? It is a light-emitting device that uses the properties of semiconductor materials to convert electrical energy into light energy and electrical signal into optical signal.

LED light emitting diode unit empty; Unit power silicon; A single light bulb is a device that moves in the direction of high power, utilizing LED as light sources to produce a light source with a long lifespan.

The microcontroller can achieve panel dimming, multiple LED light emitting tubes are flashing, and signal lights can be used for testing.