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SMD LED manufacturing industry with high production standards

High production standard SMD LED manufacturing industry standard (MARK), MARK - stereoscopic high light standard LED light source product model is wide.

Main products: Black epoxy resin molding line with high reflectivity, advanced MARK; White or natural white light source, advanced MARK; Black or natural red light source, precision assembly line operation.

F5 round head infrared 850/940nm transmitting and receiving tube, quad core processor, model F5 round head MI receiving tube, 4-bit full color QD-IRTTIC.

The F5 round headed infrared 850/940nm emission tube adopts a 940nm emission tube to tube array (PCH), and the model SMDA double-sided reflective emission tube is a special reflection color currently used in borderless operations. Due to the integrated receiver structure and the formation of a full color LED display screen at the receiver, the overall visual effect of the reflected color is greatly improved. Compared to ordinary LCD displays, their lenses are larger, wider, and clearer; In addition, LEDs are not visible and therefore expensive. The price of F5 round head infrared LED bead light source and the price of its own small LED bead are calculated as 2-34113.

Scope of application: solar street lamp, LED lamp beads for LED street lamp, LED Nixie tube manufacturers, warranty year and warranty period provided for fill light devices, etc.

Technical advantages: Multifaceted query, reference solutions, self owned product identification solutions, lighting efficiency, transportation applications, visual effects, and other advantages are essential.

On the same day, solar street lights can be installed according to the actual needs of customers, and the effect is very impressive. New solar street lights, experience in the light controlled road light industry, customer satisfaction, and quality.

The solar streetlights are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, with maintenance free valve controlled sealed batteries (colloidal batteries) for energy storage. The power controller system is a customized production of solar cell components, power supply for controllers, and starter battery components. The use of solar street lights can simulate the control process of power supply systems for mining, with power boxes and active devices set as wiring components