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After studying multiple 7 segment LED display screen products, I have summarized the secrets

After studying multiple 7 segment LED display screen products, I have come to the conclusion that the secret is: 1. The brightness cannot automatically jump (light aging but appropriate light intensity). 2. The visual angle is not similar to the viewing angle, so the brightness is increased. 3. The luminous angle of its fiber shaped lamp is higher than that of the lamp bead, and its brightness is higher. 4. Selection of lamp beads.

Luminous decay generally refers to the lumen value. When the battery on the surface of the photosensitive drum is charged and the voltage is insufficient, the potential will continue to rise over time, indicating a large degree of light decay. That is to say, there is no light decay, and when a poor battery voltage is caused, it will cause light decay. However, regional factors cannot be ignored, so air quality is a very important factor.

What are the differences between SMD lamp beads and straw hat lamp beads? I believe everyone has gained some understanding and I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Firstly, both SMD and straw hat lamp beads are edged and can be used for indoor, outdoor, and contact purposes. What is the difference between patch lamp beads and straw hat lamp beads?

LED bead phototherapy is of great significance for the prevention and auxiliary treatment of metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, skin, and immune system diseases in the human body. LED technology features: low voltage safety, mercury free, directional, long life, narrow spectrum, intelligent control, compact and portable, exquisite appearance, stable performance, functional maintenance, etc., bringing advantages that traditional light sources do not have.

The main markets for LED bead therapy alternatives are low intensity laser therapy and fluorescent lamp therapy. As an effective treatment method, phototherapy is increasingly used in clinical and engineering fields. Its principle is that biological tissues absorb light energy and convert it into heat energy and Chemical energy, causing a series of chemical reactions in the body. Photodecomposition, photooxidation, photopolymerization, and photosensitive reactions. LED beads, as a new light source, have gradually been recognized and applied in medicine with the biological effects of light, playing a positive role. LED chip quality Yueyang City.

● Photooxidation. Through photosensitive reactions, the early light intensity reached 20%, and the light intensity reached 14%. Improving the quality of light again is.

Light uses energy to generate heat. In various regions of modern society, such as some civil enterprises and shopping malls, calculating the temperature of winter by finding ambient lighting with heat is a very good choice.

● Automatic light control. With the newly developed monolithic integrated Nixie tube, it can be made taller and brighter than traditional bulbs;

● Human visual persistence, increasing the visual burden on the eyes, cleaning the dirt and dirt on the front, filtering out colors, and improving human visual index.

● Optoelectronic design. The optics and depth of constant optics give people an immersive feeling. This is because the structure and working principle of LEDs are very important. The wide range of light is 10% to 90% of the current channel. The wide range of light is called LED (LEDs), which are called LED lamps.