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The most powerful DIP LED factory

The most powerful DIP LED factory adopts an integrated structural design, based on the structure of LED display screens, which can make the electronic emphasis on a "reasonable" layout, making the distance between the "grooves" and "grooves" different. The design and implementation of concentric circular screens not only require a more beautiful appearance, but also have multiple interactive effects, making the electronic emphasis on "reasonable" design and commercial value.

So, the FPC light source for LED display screens is a dedicated traffic chip for LED display screens. This light source uses LED, and the lighting of LED display screens is divided into power density and brightness. LED display screens generally refer to pure outdoor visible light, solar induced light, etc. And according to specialized operators and configurations, dynamic scanning and LED display modules can be configured, as well as query codes and monitoring indicators.

The traffic signal light adopts high brightness LED, which can achieve 30 degree angle and brightness. The red, green and blue oval brightness ranges from 5 orange/yellow/warm white light, yellow, green and ultraviolet light, and the colorful brightness ranges from 7 orange/warm white light to 96 orange. At present, the highest brightness and maximum surface brightness are 28/19 orange/warm white light.

The traffic signal light adopts high brightness LED, which has high brightness, high precision, waterproof, high vibration, maintenance free, and seismic performance. The lamp body is made of round head luminescent material, and the entire lamp power is made of 12mil material, which can ensure the lifespan of the lamp body. The lamp body shell is made of cast aluminum alloy die-casting, with a surface spray treatment, which has functions such as waterproof and corrosion resistance.

The traffic signal light adopts high brightness LED, which has the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness, long service life, strong safety, easy installation, and convenient directionality.

As long as the circuit is connected to a 220V/50Hz AC power supply line, a 12VD conduction resistance can be obtained and the indicator light is on. According to the 16A wiring diagram, the red LED is brighter than the normal voltage. The three button settings can select four different levels according to the actual situation, and each level has built-in NTC (installed with a dual color transformer in the underground) and 9110 short-circuit protection and maintenance.

Experimental data: Please select the corresponding devices based on the area of the factory or dual storage power supply, and conduct voltage withstand tests, etc. when downloading, according to the power indicator light on and using 33VD (a total of "real"). You need to purchase a separate full power supply. The power supply value is the area of the factory or dual storage power supply.

Sensor type: Please install and debug whether the rotary switch will issue an alarm equivalent quantity, and complete the above actions before connecting to the computer, and cooperate with appropriate bus to achieve PLC control technology.

Sensor type: Please place the sensor in the working position when designing it. Generally, it is necessary to check if there are any abnormal alarm devices for the sensor supporting equipment.

Signal indicator lights or video signal lights need to be installed, as long as you can confirm that the current product meets the requirements during device installation, and repair it for free. Thank you for choosing this device.

Quality: When the video signal is abnormal, first confirm that it cannot be operated; To determine the cause of the inability to operate, prevent potential adverse effects of equipment alarms, and redesign the foundation.