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What does this game war reveal about the overall trend of the display module industry?

What does this game war reveal about the overall trend of the display module industry? At present, Samsung has already entered the market, including displays such as Hehe, Rong, Midea, and others. The following are even more dazzling, with LCD splicing screens with a penetration rate of 88%, which is even higher than the conference rooms that Samsung spends. As Samsung's daughter, is the LCD splicing screen very eye-catching and cheap? Why not develop screen technology that is small and affordable? It's better to explore screen technology.

How can I upgrade the LED display screen that I have compiled for you today? Many friends who purchase LED display screens will ask what LED display screens are? In fact, it is to solder the LED beads onto the PCB, allowing the LED beads to reproduce their value through short circuits, while eliminating luminous interference. The following is how to upgrade the LED display screen organized by the editor, which will trigger everyone's understanding.

LED display screens have received widespread attention in the era of traffic. Capturing LED display screens and restarting protection funds is to use LED light source LED technology to complete the trend and popularization concept of traditional LED backlight sources.

Reasonable application and management of LED display screens are more energy-efficient in LED display screen enterprises compared to ordinary situations. Due to the advantages of energy-saving, low light attenuation, and uniform emission of LED light emitting diodes, the theoretical energy efficiency of LED displays has reached over 100000 hours, while the energy efficiency of ordinary diodes is due to the separation of brightness and color caused by long-term operation. So when designing and manufacturing LED display screens, the following points should be noted.

High brightness refers to the use of high brightness LED light emitting diodes as display element light sources, and the display screen itself does not emit light to avoid light interference.

Long lifespan, with LED power consumption of 800-800mw and lifespan of 800-600 hours between 5-20mA of light intensity.

Red, green, and blue LEDs all have ranges of luminous intensity and brightness, while white LED ranges are determined by the chip, so the cost is low.

With the diversification of various media and the attention of society, the performance and maintenance of LED displays have greatly improved. Previously, most of the stands and screens were imported, allowing for a clear view of the internal content. The current range is to look outdoors, but when it arrives outdoors, it will start business, and excessive use will cause sound pollution in the surrounding area. How to program parameters for LED display screens is very troublesome. The white balance effect is white balance, white balance, and the color displayed on the LED display screen is like the color of the sea market. The white balance effect is the range of white balance and blue ocean operations.

The Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner in 2023. In order to facilitate everyone to arrange their work and life during the Dragon Boat Festival in advance, our company Hailongxing LED now, according to the national policy, informs us of the holiday arrangements during the "Dragon Boat Festival" as follows.

Hello, everyone. Happy Dragon Boat Festival. The day after tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival. Many enterprises will have a holiday soon. Recently, a customer asked how to select straw hat lamp beads and what are their basic parameters.

There is a dual color plug-in LED available. We are looking for engineers from Hailongxing Optoelectronics with 20 years of industry experience. Below is an introduction to dual color LED beads.

The straight in LED bead models you want are all located in Hailongxing. Many customers upgrade their products by converting straight in LEDs into SMD beads. They need to have an understanding of the size, specifications, color, current, luminous angle, voltage, specifications, and other aspects of the straight in LED beads in order to better upgrade their products.