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Inventory: What are the hotly discussed display modules

Inventory: What are the hotly discussed display modules? Classification code: HDBure.

Basic content related to classification by luminous pixels: RGB LED display screens; Red PP LED display screen; Full color RGB LED display screen.

We will adjust the spacing slightly for the relevant offline and offline markings divided by luminous category, with a maximum of 10-16mm. We will adjust the spacing slightly.

Based on the luminous intensity and working current, we adjust the spacing slightly and adopt a packaging form with higher working temperature and high luminous efficiency. Several grid codes are connected in series or parallel internally, which has the characteristics of good permeability and long lifespan.

V is used offline, V is used online, the area is light, and the sensor has thickened wires or dual colors.

Large viewing angle, high brightness, can be equipped with straight lines or straight lines.

Low current and with brightness, the indicator light can be viewed outdoors for a long time. In bright light, red, green, and blue (16 levels of brightness) are used for reference.

Offline V, with a large area (2R1G1B, most of the station's heat dissipation, AC 220V unidirectional 45 degrees, and only LCD and LED application products for the audience.

Attentive service, allowing customers to worry free for 724 hours of exclusive online customer service, providing timely inquiry and quotation services, efficiently and quickly cooperating with customers, implementing complaint management mechanisms and tracking and follow-up mechanisms, and providing continuous service to customers;

Product category: Chip diode Product name: Schottky diode Model: SS34 Package: SMA Performance characteristics: A 3A/40V Schottky diode, split type semiconductor product; Supply method: Spot specification download: SS32-SS34.

Product Category: Universal Crystal Transistor Product Name: Switching Transistor Model: S8050 Packaging: SOT-23 Transistor Type: NPN Supply Method: Spot Specification Download: S8050 SOT-23.

Brand: Taiwan Baihong Product Name: Infrared Emission Tube, LED Product Classification: Luminous Color: White Small Plate Quantity: 2000 pieces/plate Product Parameters: Voltage: Current Product Parameters: Rated Voltage Product Parameters: Pin: 25/250.

Product category: Infrared receiver head Product parameters: Isolation type Product parameters: Integrated product parameters: Integrated product parameters: Integrated product parameters: Integrated product parameters