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Please note that 7 LED display screens have been exported to these countries recently! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods.

Please note that 7 LED display screens have been exported to these countries recently! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods.

Analysis of Material Product Characteristics Method: Contact us for material product characteristics exchange! Mm -~14mm, with basic moisture resistance, making it safer.

The application fields are also diverse, and the product sensitivity is also very high. The data of various models of LED display screens is also very clear and bright, which is deeply loved by customers.

Features of shell products: More display information and technical services, providing more maintenance experience.

The types of ceiling lights and converters, such as LCD 35.28 million pixel tubes and inline pixel tubes, are shown in Figure 1.

Ceiling light is a display method that controls RGB semiconductor LED, consisting of tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of semiconductor LED pixels are evenly arranged and composed.

Moreover, with the emergence of ultra-high brightness white LED products, LED displays have also developed from indoor to outdoor.

This product provides a guarantee for modern lighting. If you use it outdoors for a long time, you will feel dizzy and uncomfortable with your eyes. However, this product is equipped with a high brightness LED, which solves the problem of eye fatigue and ensures safe use in different situations.

Recently, a newly developed Micro LED has significantly increased its sales share in visible, solar, and LCD applications. It is suitable for other ordinary lighting products and can effectively replace well-known LED products such as MET and OEM. Led is a subversive high resolution ultra bright white LED, suitable for indoor environment.

The reason why GaN IT has become one of the top five globally renowned brands for RF international lighting is because the ratio of LED usage is much higher in terms of cost and lifespan. Moreover, many American companies and commercial LEDs support this national policy, so there is no longer the "green lighting" below, so it is not indoor "green lighting", but a "future" of "low energy consumption and high brightness".

● LED manufacturing process starts from production. It has long provided a full band Sandal flat LED chip built on the next generation display of the display module to provide various advertising logos that can be applied. Compared with other types of displays, LED displays have the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate and a wide range of lighting spectrum.

LED chip design and production: The LED chip can achieve full color display without borders and matching by adjusting one side horizontally and vertically.

The large size 100 inch, high brightness 138 degree color display for comprehensive wiring can be customized according to customers' special models, providing rich high and above characteristics. At the same time, various specifications of special models can also be customized according to customers.

Full color LED light beads are a new type of colored light beads, using four different colors of LED chips: white, red, green, and blue. Each chip is a single color LED, and these light bead chips come in various forms.

Simplifying the system architecture of the entire LED lighting product is an inevitable rule for the current LED industry to struggle with cost reduction and functional progress.