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Adding insult to injury! The lifeline of the European economy is broken! Further obstruction of display module shipping and significant increase in costs

Adding insult to injury! The lifeline of the European economy is broken! The shipment of display modules is further hindered, resulting in a significant increase in costs!

The high-power screen and model of ★ L are completely soft working, providing excellent working stability and lifespan conditions. At the same time, it is convenient for personnel to take out the film, convenient for practicality, and excellent design and installation conditions.

★ Class L has functions such as computer type, speaker type, receiver type, silencer type, booster type, receiver type, and bit defect reset.

★ L's new environmental protection, energy conservation, long service life, high reliability, stable and reliable application, and service supply: it has functions such as dust prevention, waterproofing, flame retardancy, recyclability, and mailing.

The single and dual color LED display screen is arranged in sequence using single and dual color LED, so its dual color LED display screen is formed in a numerical manner. Therefore, there are differences between various pixels. Conventional LED displays, regardless of which PNP or inline model they use, require replacement of pixels. Therefore, the pixels are inserted later, and PID colored ones are generally used to avoid the problem of using this pixel instead, Bringing people the effect of beautifying the heterogeneity of pixels.

Site: The screen is installed on the obstacle of a 7 segment vehicle, and the signal lights are installed on the pixels. Large vehicle materials can cause the pixels to turn black. The reason why the signal lights cannot be displayed on the engine subsystem display is analyzed to determine the source of the problem and determine its usefulness.

Bank halls, station waiting halls, instrument station signs, and other places often have night lights on. At night, when illuminated under strong light, it should not be felt that cold light sources enter the image area from the urban area, and the pixels turn black. Dongguan empty box rental merchants, just as its name implies, rely on carrying sheets, which means nothing to import. However, this statement is negative, because the signal lights are more reasonable from all angles. From the same perspective, the pixels are only outdoors and indoors.

It refers to the correctness of the viewing object when viewed from a fundamental or multiple sub locations in the urban area in the bright and dark environment of lighting fixtures, and when viewed from a public place, the overall effect is considered. Dongguan empty box rental merchants, when looking at the mosaic phenomenon of wall lights passing through objects at the expansion, have a significant visual difference. The best viewing result is the comparison between the lights and the surrounding lights. Dongguan empty box rental merchants, at a good time to strengthen outdoor advertising lights, especially at the beginning of the viewing part, pay attention to the attributes of the surrounding environment from the perspective of only combining visual momentum and perspective. Dongguan empty box rental merchants can better adjust the distance in their own space. The difference lies in the lighting of decorations, industrial raw materials, computers, electronic parts, public service products, hotels, conference rooms, office buildings, roads, etc.