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Several tips for choosing DIP LED products

Several tips for choosing a DIP LED product: (1) In the initial stage, the positive and negative electrodes can be placed smoothly on the table. Generally, LPEED made devices are non-toxic and bubble free. When used for upper cover plates, the devices are slightly elongated downwards, but most cannot be pulled off. This reduces the power loss of the entire lamp when moving forward. 2. The side cover can be controlled by 3. The side cover or white ballast, and the floodlight can be replaced. Due to the different selection and length of the rack, the side cover cannot be adjusted, so a deviation can be left at a higher position to control the viewing distance. Due to the fact that both the side cover and the side cover are LED devices of the same height, they are equipped with projection light devices. Generally speaking, the projection light devices are axial, and the projection light and projection light devices are located at the end of the component.

Choosing side covers and side covers does not have a systematic advantage, so in design, consideration should be given to volume and operator selection. When laying cables, consideration should be given to the needs and coordination of the project. At the same time, considering the needs of venue facilities and personnel cooperation.

The manufacturer of the projection lamp and the safety of the projection lamp are stronger, so when selecting side lamps, the selection of side lamp holders should be based on the needs of the project.

The floodlight is made of aluminum shell, with anti-aging electrostatic plastic spraying treatment on the surface and double anti-static plastic spraying treatment inside the lamp. The integrated circuit inside the lamp shell can prevent explosives and enhance safety.

There are more types of projectors, such as projectors and spotlights, and there is still a lot of common knowledge about waterproofing of projectors. However, during installation, projectors usually require multiple forms of projectors. If you want to understand the common methods of floodlights, you can take a look with the optoelectronic editor, and carefully introduce them when users choose side lights.

The materials of projection lights can be divided into single base type, double base type, stabilized type, luminous type, roll light type, solar energy type, luminous type, wall mounted type, etc. according to the materials used.

According to the different materials of projection lamps, they can be divided into quartz glass, non-metallic fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, low-pressure mercury lamps, etc.

Wiring: Connect the power, open the wiring terminal, and adjust the power position. At this point, press the start button, the motor will rotate once, and then connect the motor to the battery to allow the lithium battery to store electrical energy; Complete single brush.

When installing LED floodlights, preset commonly used LED floodlights should be used. The controller should maintain a clear flash curve and send out detailed parameters of what G Yuan Heng S820 represents when purchasing high-power LED floodlights.

Different types of LED projection lights are divided into LED exterior walls and LED wall lights according to their configuration positions. Generally installed on the wall, they not only have high brightness, but also are convenient to choose and install.