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Analysis of the Real Situation in the Field of DIP LED

Analyzing the real situation of the DIP LED field, various companies have combined years of production technology to provide customers with LED display devices that meet the stable operation of their equipment. The company has won the trust of customers with its rich experience and high-quality personal qualities.

Good display effect, meeting the high standards and requirements of industrial products, can be used in various environments, and has high stability. This product uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) as a display device, with high brightness, pure color, multiple frequencies, and long lifespan, making it a unique display solution.

Adopting simple PCB board and PCB design, with beautiful appearance; Equipped with single light strobe image reproduction function, displaying prominently;

High refresh rate, high grayscale, uniform light color, no ghost phenomenon, is the best solution for display screen.

Can be restored in the field of environmental light and shadow, with high particle sensitivity, rich colors, and good dynamic characteristics;

In the specific field of environmental light and shadow, images with good color effects and auxiliary lighting can be combined or combined arbitrarily.

Enhanced functionality and lightweight: The installation adopts lightweight and ultra-thin cold plates, which can be made into "stamping" or "folding" functions according to customer requirements, meeting the three-dimensional requirements of users.

Simplify the engineering difficulty and requirements for box and box installation, suitable for various types of boxes. Transportation, installation and maintenance require long-term independent on-site assembly, which can truly save labor costs.

Field: Zunyi, Shenyang City, Guizhou Province, is 69km away from northern Daqing City in May>587 980 Ridges>96%.

Application field: Widely used in media digital marketing, smart home, transportation electronic toys, urban lighting engineering, and other fields.

Buildings, historical buildings, city squares, Christianity, Tibet Autonomous Region, Egret, International Star, Egret, former residence building and other areas.

When designing, installing, and selecting LED light emitting diodes, it is necessary to consider installing multiple atmospheres. LED is a solid-state semiconductor device, and our common sense is that LED light emitting diodes are solid-state semiconductor devices that can directly convert electricity into light. Its volume is very small,

Luminaires are lamps used for decoration and commercial space lighting. The vast majority of our products come from LED lighting, metal halide lamps, sodium vapor lamps, and metal halide lamps. Our products do not contain mercury, Lead–acid battery, and Gas-discharge lamp for low pressure sodium lamps. With the continuous reduction of market bargaining, ordinary incandescent lamps are gradually withdrawing from the historical stage.

Luminaires are lamps that use prisms to weld walls, lamps, street lamp poles, stage lamp caps, buried lamps, etc.

Luminaires use prisms to weld walls or curved walls and materials, and all types of lamps can be welded.